Friday 27 January 2023

Friday's Fave Five - 27/1/23

Friday's the time to look back on the week to see what we're grateful for and the favourite things of the week.  Then we share over at Susanne's site here with like minded bloggers.  

Here are mine:

1)  A visit from my cousin and her husband today.  They have been in London dog-sitting for their daughter and decided to pay us a visit.  They brought Mimi the dog with them today.  She is very cute.  Unfortunately I didn't take a picture but I stole this one from social media:

2)  Quick service from the library.  The library is part of a consortium so we have access to a vast range of books.  I'd read the first in a series recently and ordered the second one which was ready to collect today.

3)  Time with Grandsons Rory and Vinny on Monday.  Rory had no school so I had him here in the morning and then after lunch I picked up Vinny from nursery and met their Dad at their GP as they were both having booster vaccinations for polio.  Rory didn't get upset at all at the jab but poor Vinny came out silently sobbing.  He soon recovered though and then I watched them until their Mummy got home.

4)  A walk around the lake today.  It is still very muddy but today was the first day it hasn't rained at all this week so I took advantage of that this afternoon.

5)  Progress on Maisie the Pig!

That's her body.  Now I'm working on her arms.

Have a good weekend all.


  1. Good progress on Maisie. Do you think you'll have to make 5 more? :)

    1. That is a possibility but we'll see how Maisie turns out first lol

  2. Maiisie is looking good!! It is so great that you get so much quality time with the littles! Sorry poor Vinny didn't like the needle. Gosh, when I was little, we got our polio vaccine in a little cup and drank it down. I think it was a booster to earlier vaccinations. Have a good weekend, Wendy!

    1. Yes I can remember having it on a sugar cube but not anymore.

  3. I think our polio medicine was put on a sugar cube back in the late 50's. I agree, time with the grands is a blessing!

    1. Yes mine was definitely on a sugar cube but I guess because too much sugar is considered a bad thing these days they've switched to jabs.

  4. Oh good job on Maisie! She is going to be so cute!
    Aren't libraries wonderful? We are blessed to have access to so much knowledge and interesting reading material.
    Good to hear the boys got their polio vaccines done.
    Have a good week!


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