Tuesday 24 January 2023

Just Jot it January - Day 24 - Ideal

Today's prompt is ideal provided by Astrid who blogs here.

As always rules etc can be found here.

In an ideal world my day should have gone like this:

I would have got up when my alarm went off.

My to do list of chores for the day would have been completed.

I would have gone out for a walk during the warmer  less cold part of the day.

Blogging would have been done much earlier in the day and I would have had a relaxing evening before an early night.

In reality my day went like this:

I did not get up when the alarm went off.  

I did get breakfast in bed but this delayed my start to the day even more.

My to do list isn't fully completed - 1 bathroom got cleaned, the other is now on tomorrow's list

No walking took place

I'm blogging very late in the evening so it's not an early night and

I've probably upset the neighbours by putting my dustbins out very late as it's impossible to put them out quietly and I think they might already be in bed!

On a positive note I did help my daughter today by collecting Grandson Nathan from school and having him here for a while and then going over to help her with the kids' bedtime as my daughter has had flu and my DIL was out tonight.

But then who lives in an ideal world?

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  1. I am so glad to not be the only person who always has to put something off to the next day (or week) because I didn't get to it today! What does ideal mean anyway?!! LOL Well done, Wendy!


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