Friday 29 March 2013

I seem to have slipped off the world

Well I've definitely slipped off the blogspot!  The weeks seem to have been flying past and I haven't had much inclination to blog.  Work has been a bit manic.  After our successful Ofsted inspection we were just beginning to relax a bit when we were notified of an RE inspection.  Being a catholic school we are inspected by people from the diocese who look at how we are delivering religious education in the school.  We get a bit more notice of these and it doesn't really impact on the office team, except of course that all the teaching staff in particular get a bit stressed so the atmosphere in school is not great.  But it's only temporary and they came last Tuesday and it was fine so we have a few years of peace now, unless our results really dip.

But of course in school there is never a dull moment - the latest event to occupy me was the resignation of the Headteacher.  He will be leaving in July so now we are carrying out the recruitment process for his successor.  Interesting times.

It's a busy time of the school year - budgets to be set, admissions to be finalised but for the next couple of weeks it's holiday time.  We finished for Easter on Wednesday and have 2 weeks off.  Nick also has the time off so we might go away for a couple of nights.  I just hope the weather improves.  It has been so very cold here for this time of year.

Michael's girlfriend Liz from America is here this week.  She flew in last Saturday and was subjected to a family party that evening so she has met most of the family in one go - she seemed to cope with it well.  We can be a bit overwhelming when we're all together.  Unfortunately she will be returning home on Monday and they will be back to having to skype one another - usually in the early hours of the morning for Michael so not ideal.  He's hoping to visit her in May and I'm sure they'll get together over the summer.  Michael is currently working in a school so he has the holidays off like me.  Liz is a teacher so she also gets the holidays but any long distance relationship is hard.   He would still like to get back to America but it's hard to get a working visa.  I'm not sure what the future will hold for them.  Time will tell.

Matt is still waiting to hear about a start date for his new job in Nottingham but hopefully that will be soon.  We will then probably have to draw lots as to who gets his bedroom as it is the biggest of the three the kids use.  So musical rooms again.

Well that's my update.  Have a peaceful happy Easter :)