Tuesday 10 February 2015

I'm definitely a cat lover

I must be. Firstly my cat is costing a fortune in vet bills. Unfortunately she is not insured. Next time we have a pet I won't be making that mistake!  Although hubby says there won't be a next time!  Secondly I'm currently in possession of a urine sample for her which I need to deliver to the vet tomorrow morning.  Poor thing has had an infection and has had to have antibiotics.  That was another drama.  The first ones they prescribed were huge.  No way could I get them down her.  I tried everything. Disguising them in tuna.  Crushing them into her food. Pushing them down her throat and discovering she has sharp teeth!  

Then they gave me different ones and introduced me to Cat Easy Pill. It's the consistency of play dough and you wrap it around the pills and she loves it.  Why has no one told me about this before?  Plain sailing? Not quite - the new antibiotics came with the warning "contains penicillin. Do not handle if allergic to penicillin."  Guess who's allergic?

So two weeks of that regime and then we have to collect a urine sample to check the infection has gone. That was fairly easy with special non-absorbent granules for the litter tray, a pipette and a test tube all as part of a kit.

Just have to get up nice and early to drop it off to the vet before going to work.  And you all know I just love an early start!  I definitely love my cat!