Friday, 16 August 2019

August Challenge - catch up!

The idea of this challenge is to post a photo a day during August in response to the prompts.

For full details go here.

I said at the start I would be doing this challenge my way so today we have 3 days in 1.

Wednesday ran away with me and yesterday I did an extra day with Nathan as he's been a little unwell this week so couldn't go to nursery. By the time I got home I just wanted to chill in front of the TV after dinner.

So here's the catch up:

Day 14 - Favourite smell

I have lots of favourite smells including food cooking, chocolate (of course), babies, flowers, but for my photo here's the perfume I usually wear:

Day 15 - Intentions

Another hard one to photograph. I started the year with another list of intentions so here's the logo for that. Full details and updates can be found by clicking here.

Day 16 - Number

I love numbers. Maths was my favourite subject and I still love doing number puzzles. But this year my focus has been on this number.

Or actually not. Big birthdays are just that, a number.

And now I'm up to date.   Prompt #17 tomorrow.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Wednesday Medley - 14/8/19

The Wednesday Medley is hosted by Terri over at Your Friend from Florida.
The questions usually start with the National Day and follow on from there. No rules and there is no obligation. Link up if you want to over at Terri's site and see who else is joining in the fun.

The National Day today is V-J Day (Victory over Japan in WW2). Here are Terri's questions and my responses:

1. I'm sure many kids today have no idea what V-J Day is all about. Did you have a loved one who fought in WWII?

Yes my Dad was in the army during WW2.

2. The iconic sculpture from the famous photograph of "The Unconditional Surrender" has been defaced recently because of the #metoo movement. I know we can get very political about this subject, but just keeping it in the spirit for which it was created, what are your thoughts? 

Well of course I googled this and it seems the sculpture is based on a photograph taken in Times Square, New York on VJ day. Given that it's been reported that the woman was unknown to the sailor it's understandable that it's been tagged with the #metoo slogan.

3. Terri's grandson, Tristan, loved playing a game called "Axis & Allies". It was quite complicated, took up the entire dining room table, and was not something Terri wanted to play (Grandpa understood it and played though). Can you name three Axis countries and five of the many Allies (okay to look it up!)?

Well I don't remember them being referred to as the Axis countries although it makes sense. It was a lot easier to name the Allies.

4. Terri was surprised to learn that most historians agree that WWII began when Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. Others say it started when Japan invaded Manchuria on September 18, 1931. And some scholars suggest WWII is actually a continuation of WWI, with a break in between. Have you ever visited Pearl Harbor in Hawaii or any other WWII memorials around the world?

Interesting that there are differing opinions but unfortunately with conflicts still going on around the world today you can understand why. I've not visited Hawaii or any major war memorials.

5. Calvin Graham was only 12 years old during WWII when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He won a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart before the Navy found out how old he was. (God bless him.) Terri doesn't know any 12-year olds today who could qualify or get away with something like that. Times are so very different now but (in the US) we do have ROTC in high schools. Do you know anyone who started in ROTC and went on to enlist in one of the services?

No I don't. You have to be 16 to enlist in the armed forces in the UK. I think my Dad was probably 16 when he enlisted so that would have been in 1935. He joined the army to get away from working in the coal mines in Yorkshire.

6. Please tell us something about your week so far.

It's another fairly quiet week although there are quite a few things on my to do list which I'm slowly working my way through. Mainly linked to our family holiday at the end of the month. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

August Challenge - Days 12 & 13

The idea of this challenge is to post a photo a day during August in response to the prompts.

For full details go here.

Well I said at the start I would be doing this challenge my way so that includes putting two days together! We were looking after Nathan yesterday and were invited to stay for dinner.

Stay for dinner / Go home and cook a dinner we hadn't even shopped for?

That was a no brainer. We stayed but of course that meant we got home a lot later and I was too tired to blog.

Anyway, yesterday's prompt was "5 things About Me" and today's prompt is "Last Year".

I'm not good at promoting myself and hard to think of things I haven't mentioned before but here goes:

1) I'm all about family and this is mine:

2) My favourite colour is blue, there is a lot of blue in my wardrobe and of course I love to wear jeans. I'm all about comfort when it comes to clothes. Despite what you might think there was no memo sent around to wear blue for the family shot above, it just turned out that way!

3) I love to dance but my body has other ideas these days, especially my knees. I was wearing this, about this time last year after a nasty fall and my knee still isn't quite the same.

4) I'm paranoid about developing dementia/Alzheimers so I try to keep my brain busy with puzzles, crosswords etc. Here are some I did yesterday:

There are a couple of crossword clues still eluding me!

5) My favourite season is spring. I love it when the clocks go forward and we start getting longer days, the weather gets better but not too hot and the garden starts coming into bloom.

Now as for last year, apart from the knee incident above it was pretty good. Actually it was really good - these two joined the family giving me a hat trick of grandsons:

And today it's 3 years since these two tied the knot:

Happy days!

Sunday, 11 August 2019

August Challenge - Day 11

The idea of this challenge is to post a photo a day during August in response to the prompts.

For full details go here.

Today's prompt is "hopes".

Hmm how do you photograph hope once let alone more than once?

A bit of lateral thinking and waffle needed here!

Of course I'm sure we all have hopes and dreams.  Photos to match? Well here we go:

Our wedding day back in June 1984.  We all hope we've got the right partner on our wedding day and although we might look a bit different now, 35 years on, I think we got it right!

We also hoped for children and they came along in rapid succession - we had 3 in just under 4 years and they certainly kept us on our toes.

But look how well they turned out:
They've done us proud and of course they've all made us Grandparents.  Something else we hoped for.

Hopefully at our family gathering at the end of the month we'll be able to update our staircase photo.  This is last year's: