Thursday, 20 February 2020

20 in 20 - Photo of the Week #7 16/2/20 & The Moving Saga Update #2

Well I'm combining 2 posts here as time is short!

It's been busy here this past week or so but we are now officially up for sale!  Our house is the middle one with the red door. 

These window boxes are now on my front window sills.  Of course this meant a trip to the garden centre.

The stairway leading down to our kitchen needed some work.  We'd had to take the tongue & groove panelling off at the bottom and had never got round to reinstating it.  It was definitely a mess.  Now thanks to a handyman recommended to us the panelling is fixed, it's had a lick of paint and looks so much better.

And the room that we now refer to as Hubby's den (which has served as a playroom and a bedroom in the past) now has new curtains.  The old ones practically fell apart when I took them down to wash so we had to get new ones and opted for a new pole system too.  Thanks again to our handyman for getting the pole up.

We've also been busy doing more decluttering and tidying and managed to get our lawn cut (despite the wind and rain we've had) so we decided we  were ready for the estate agent to come and take pictures for marketing the house.

As of today the propery is live on the web and we already have 3 viewings arranged!

I am definitely on a runaway train!  We also have 3 properties to view.  1 on Saturday and then 2 the following Saturday.  The market is definitely picking up and I think good houses are going to sell quickly.  We were hoping to view one house but when I rang on Monday to try and arrange it I was told it was already under offer.  (I hadn't realised it had had an open day last Saturday.)  That of course bodes well for our sale but makes it harder to find the right house to buy.  Hopefully, as we will be mortgage free and therefore "cash buyers" we will be more attractive to potential vendors and more likely to have an offer accepted.

Thankfully it's half term this week so I haven't had Rory to look after.  I miss seeing him but it's nice to have the rest, especially when we've been working so hard in the house.

Thank you for all the comments on my posts.  Apologies for not replying to all of them.  I'm finding it hard to keep up at the moment.  I am visiting and reading blogs but I don't always have time to leave a comment.   It's amazing how tiring looking at houses online can be, not to mention how time consuming! 

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Where did the weekend go?

Goodness me, it's almost Monday and I haven't had a chance to blog all weekend!  I didn't even get a Friday Fave Five post done.

Friday was a busy day with work going on in the house.  I had to make two trips out for paint - once to get some testers so we could try and find the right match for our hall and then the second time to actually get the paint.  (Note to self, when we do any decorating in our next house, keep a note of paint colours!)  In between I was still decluttering/tidying.  In the evening I met up with some friends for drinks and food at our local pub.  It was nice to relax and unwind.

Saturday was more work in the house and then late afternoon we went over to babysit Nathan so his Mummies could have a night out.  It was lovely to see him as we hadn't been for about 3 weeks.  He was ill at one point and then I wasn't well.  Then we'd been in contact with Rory when he had his tummy bug so didn't want to risk passing that on, even though we were fine.

Anyway we're all well at the moment.  Let's hope it lasts.  Nathan was on good form.  He's so chatty now.  He let me put him to bed without too much trouble although it does take him a while to settle down to sleep.  

We stayed the night so that we could spend time with them all today but we got home in time for a late lunch then it was back to work on the house.  We've decided to bite the bullet and tell the estate agents we're ready to put the house on the market.  I'm really beginning to believe we will be moving house and trying not to freak out over it.  It's hard - we've been here almost 27 years!

Let's hope it doesn't take us too long to find the right house for our next home.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

How did it get so late? 12/2/20

Well I'm determined to try and keep up with blogging regularly but this is going to be a very quick post.  It's time for bed really as I had a very long day with Rory again today.  I started at 8 am as usual but had to wait until Daddy got home (about 7.15pm) because Mummy had a parents evening at her school.  They obviously decided to schedule all their parent evenings on Wednesdays as this is the 3rd one in a row.  Still I shouldn't complain, I can have a lie in tomorrow which is more than Liz can.  Except I can't either as I have to drop the car off for its annual service!

Fortunately the weather was better today and after his 2 hour nap (for which I was very grateful!) I took Rory to the park.  We saw the goslings again and they were on the move today, still looking healthy although I think one is smaller than the other two.  When the sun was out and the wind dropped it was quite pleasant although still chilly.

I let Rory have a swing which he loved.

Yes he is wearing Santa joggers.  They still fit!

He was as good as gold for me, letting me feed him, bath him and get him to bed just before Daddy came home.  It's hard for them on nights like this not to see him when they come home but if he sees them just before he goes in his cot he gets so excited and then it puts his whole routine out.  And he has a good routine.  Once he's ready for bed he has a bottle of milk while I read him stories.  Then he gets a very quick cuddle before going into his cot and usually he makes no or very little fuss before going to sleep.

Fortunately hubby was home before me and had dinner ready just as I walked through the door which was lovely especially when washed down with a glass of wine.  I think I'd earned that!

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

20 in 20 - Photo of the Week #6 - 9/2/20

Woo hoo, week 6 and still on track!  I've added in Sunday's date in the titles of these posts to help me remember which week I'm working on!  One of the things I find hard since I've given up work is remembering the actual date - probably because I'm not writing it all the time as I used to.  I don't have any trouble (usually) remembering what day of the week it is but the date often eludes me lol.

Blogging regularly helps, but now the January challenge is over I'm having to work harder at posting most days again.  (Although someone did helpfully point out that it will soon be April and I'll have the A - Z Challenge to keep me busy!)

Anyway enough of the waffle, here is this week's photo:

One of the joys of trying to move is clearing out all our junk.  The above are old computers etc that we had accumulated over the years.  Today they have been to our rubbish and recycling centre.   Our box room has visible floor space!  It's very satisfying making progress.

I've also sorted out even more loose change to cash in and found out where to take all the old foreign coins and notes we had too.  Various charities will take them but Marks & Spencer's Bureau de Change counters will take them and they donate to a Breast Cancer charity.  Westfield the shopping mall close by has a big Marks & Spencer  with a Bureau de Change so that's an errand I'll be running later in the week hopefully.

Now for a gosling update.

We had a terrible storm at the weekend - the main parks in London were actually closed on Sunday - so I was a bit concerned when we rounded the path in the park on Monday and spotted the adults all tucked up on the grass.

However on walking a little bit further this collection of fluff came into view.  Phew!  Still 3 goslings and they are definitely increasing in size. 

Rory was very excited to see them as poor thing had been indoors since last Wednesday - he went down with a tummy bug which he unfortunately shared with his parents and then the weather was awful so I think they were all suffering a bit from cabin fever by Monday.  Thankfully they are all fine now.