Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Life in Lockdown - Q is for Quiet - A-Z Challenge 2021

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter Q 

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Well it's late again so I'm racing the clock to get this posted before the day is over.  But it is nice and quiet.

One of the things we probably all noticed during lockdown was that it was quieter.  There wasn't so much traffic on the road, we weren't out and about so much and there were very few planes in the air.  You could hear the birds sing.

Personally I like quiet.  I can be quite happy home alone with no music playing or no TV on although I know that for some people that wouldn't work.

The one thing I have missed is having the house to myself.  Although Hubby has been part retired for a while now there were still days when I was home alone and I enjoyed pottering with no one to interrupt me or need me.  Once we were locked down Hubby worked from home so I've had to adjust to having him here all the time.  In a way it's been good practice for when he retires at the end of this month.  Except that in lockdown all his usual activities were curtailed too.  No more evenings out playing his guitar with friends, or record club evenings.

When Hubby's in the house there is usually noise of some sort.  He'll either have music playing or he'll be watching TV or playing his guitar.  Though to be fair sometimes he does just sit and read.

Finding quiet times for me became a challenge.  Sometimes I'd come down early and enjoy the quiet of the house before he stirred.  Not often though as I'm not a morning person.  Or I'd go out for a walk, although often he'd come too.  I didn't have the heart to say I wanted to be alone but there were enough times when he didn't want to walk for me to not to go stir crazy.

But now there is less quiet as things start to return to normal.  We have the grandchildren here regularly and then the house is anything but quiet.  Of course I love the sounds of the toddlers and the babies.  Conversations with 3 & 4 years olds are never boring.  Challenging sometimes, but never boring.  And the babies might not do much more than "ooo" or "arrr" but the facial expressions are just so watchable.  

And when the bigger ones are tired and irritable the TV often helps for a while and that's a whole other noise.  Some creators of Children's TV programmes have very strange minds.  

Then of course it's time for them to go home and we can restore order in the house, close the door behind them and just enjoy ......the quiet.


Monday, 19 April 2021

Life in Lockdown - P is for Procrastination - A-Z Challenge 2021

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter P 

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Well I have been umming and arring all day about what to write for this letter.  In my original list of ideas I had PPE pencilled in.  I thought I could string at least a few words together about that considering how important it's been during the pandemic.  I mean masks are the new fashion accessory for starters.  I even made some:

I know not everyone is convinced about the wearing of them but I'm happy wearing one when I have to.  It's a small thing considering how hard it's been for medical staff with the amount of PPE they have to wear and constantly change.

There have also been the issues with the procurement of PPE and its quality but I didn't think I wanted to get into a big political debate so PPE bit the dust.  

While trying to think of an alternative it was hard not to see words chosen by other A-Z participants.  Yep of course I was blog surfing on and off during the day.

I almost decided on trying to string something together around Positivity.  After all it's one of the things on my 21 in 21 list  but having looked at the list I realised I'm not doing well with it so far this year so that didn't leave me feeling very positive.

I spent a bit more time dithering and then sat down to watch some TV.  Clearly I've been procrastinating way too long - it's now 11.30 pm and I need to publish a post - I'm determined not to fail this challenge.

So it's P for Procrastination - something I've done a lot of during lockdown!



21 in 21 - Weekly photo #15 - w/c 12/4/21



Happy birthday to my Hubby - it was his birthday yesterday.

We had our youngest son and his family for lunch on Saturday and then on Sunday we had my daughter and her family.

This is actually a still from a video my DIL took of Grandson Nathan helping Grandpa blow out his candles.

And then enjoying his piece of cake!

It was lovely to see all of them at the weekend.  Hopefully it won't be too much longer before we can catch up with our eldest son and his family.

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Life in Lockdown - O is for Online shopping - A-Z Challenge 2021

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter O 

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Shopping TROLLEY Clip Art (Page 1) - Line.17QQ.com 

Before the pandemic I had been doing online shopping for groceries for a long time, but probably only once a month when I would stock up on all the bulky items.  In between I would do local shops from the ones I could walk to, or occasionally we would drive to a supermarket and do a bigger shop.

When lockdown hit us it made sense to switch completely to online shopping for our groceries.  On the whole it’s been relatively hassle free.  Of course this meant having deliveries more often so that fresh items stayed fresh.  Initially it was a bit tricky to get a delivery slot and a few times we had to do a “click & collect” but that was fine – we just popped the boot and the staff loaded up the shopping.  As time went on getting a home delivery slot became easier.  All the supermarkets have taken on extra staff to deal with the increased demand.  We’re now in a routine of booking 4 weeks in advance and as soon as we’ve had a delivery I get on to booking the next one.

Of course you have to put something in your trolley to secure the order.  Usually I just place a previous order in the trolley and then amend it before the deadline.  That works fairly well although there have been a couple of near misses when I’ve forgotten the order is due and we nearly ended up with just 5 litre containers of de-ionised water!  We’ve had a few weird substitutions too but they can just be handed back. 

Interestingly I learned recently that it’s not the pickers who decide what a substitute should be but the computer.  The computer knows when an item isn’t available and will put a substitution on the picking list.  The picker then just picks what’s on the list.  Which might explain why I got a bath sponge instead of a shower cap!

I’ve also got very good at sourcing things online such as door handles, TV aerials, curtain hooks etc.  All things that I would normally just go to the right shop for.  Except shops haven’t been open.  Of course it’s not the same looking for some things online but this week non-essential shops have re-opened so we will be able to start looking for things like curtains and lampshades and other things for the house that we need to see before buying.

It might take a while to feel comfortable doing that though.  I did go to a shopping mall yesterday as my hairdresser’s salon is in a department store.  It felt strange being out and about with other shoppers.  The department store felt quite busy.  It’s closing down so there were lots of bargains to be had but I didn’t feel comfortable being in there.  I did venture to Marks & Spencers for a few things I wanted but again it was busy.  So much so that I had to queue briefly to get in as they were obviously keeping tabs on the numbers in the store.  Which of course is a good thing but not what we’re used to.  This new normal is going to take a while to feel ok. 

Once I’d got the things I needed I headed home.  Hopefully once the initial rush of people who were desperate to get back out to the shops has died down, and I’ve had my second jab, I might feel more inclined to go browsing the shops again.