Saturday, 14 September 2019

Friday's Fave Five - 13/9/19

It's still Friday, just, so it's time to share 5 things I'm grateful for this week. This meme is hosted by Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story. Pop over there for more details and to see who else is taking part.

Here are my 5 for this week:

1) No mishaps with Grandson Rory this week. He gave me a few scares as he's walking more and more but he's still very wobbly at times but he loves doing it.

2) Getting rid of some clutter. We took part in a jumble trail last weekend (think yard sale) and although I still have stuff to get rid of it's all gathered together now and there is a plan in place!

3) Catching up with one of my sister in laws. She had some things I needed to collect that had got left behing at the family holiday so I popped over one afternoon and we had a good natter over a cup of tea.

4) Catch up TV. I've been so tired most evenings that I've not really watched much TV but thankfully I can either record programmes or watch them on catch up when I have more energy and time. Hello Fresh meals have also been a blessing as well. The two days I do with Rory are quite long so it is tiring but I don't help myself by not going to bed very early!

5) A visit to Grandson Nathan today. It's almost 2 weeks since I'd seen him and after seeing him twice a week regularly that felt like a long time. He's attending nursery 4 days a week now and my DIL stays home with him on Fridays. He's talking more and more and today he was sporting a haircut. I had dinner there and stayed until he went to bed. He was very tired as it was a bit later than usual so hopefully he went to sleep quickly.

Talking of which, I should be getting to sleep now too.

Enjoy the weekend all.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Friday's Fave Five - 6/9/19

Well once again it's two weeks since I've done a Friday post so I'm grateful to be here, pausing to think of 5 good things from the past week (or two!).  As always this meme is hosted by Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story.  Pop over there for more details and to see who else is taking part.

Here are my 5 for this week:

1)  Holiday time with extended family.  Getting away with hubby's family is a regular thing for the end of August.  We love getting together, even if it is a bit chaotic and noisy.  For some pics see my previous post here.

2)  2 free bottles of wine!  Hubby often buys wine from our local Majestic Wine store so he's on their mailing list.  He had a letter saying that to celebrate a new venture they were giving regular clients a free bottle of wine.  Of course he went to claim it but was told at the store the offer was a free bottle if you bought 6.  Well buying 6 bottles is no hardship for hubby but he was a bit put out.  Especially when he got home to discover that yes, in the VERY small print on the back of the letter it states that in order to claim your free bottle you have to make a purchase of......ONE bottle.  Well he rattled off an email complaining about the whole episode and today they dropped off another free bottle!

3)  A successful shopping trip.  I'm going away soon with my cousins and I needed a new swimming costume (or two).   I also wanted some flip flops to wear around the pool.  I managed to get both today which was good as lots of the stores now have their autumn and winter clothing ranges in so swimwear choice was quite limited.

4)  More additions to the garden.  I've added a bird feeding station and an ornamental butterfly.  I also took down my rotary airer.  Typically hubby spotted the bird feeding station and noticed the hole where the airer had been but not that the airer was gone!

5)  No lasting damage done to Rory.  He's started walking now.  Just a few steps between the furniture etc but on Wednesday while I was looking after him he overbalanced and managed to hit his head on their wooden rocking chair.  It was one of those awful moments when you dread picking them up to see what damage has been done.  Of course he screamed the place down and there was a small mark on his forehead which was obviously going to bruise but he let me hold an ice pack on it and fortunately he seemed ok afterwards.  I felt bad but of course I know these things will happen.  

This was afterwards.  He does love looking at his books.

Have a good weekend all.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

I'm back!

Well actually I've been back from my family holiday since last Friday but it's been hard to find time to blog.  Since we arrived back I've babysat Nathan, had Rory for 2 days, been househunting with Nathan's Mummies and been catching up with stuff at home.

Which is totally different from the week spent away which was very relaxed.  Well as relaxed as spending a week with more than 40 family members including all our kids and Grandkids.  Yeah it's not relaxing but it is lovely.  

We were very fortunate with the weather.  For the first half of the week we had a heatwave.  In fact for me it was too hot.  We then had rain overnight on the Tuesday but by Wednesday afternoon the sun had returned but it was much cooler.  Still warm but much more pleasant.  

The kids still loved being in and out of the pool and as usual the younger generation did their pool photo.  These are all grandchildren of Nick's parents.  There are 23 of them but a few were missing this year.  This is our seventh year at the Oast House and they always line up by the pool:


And then jump!


We had our own special water babies!

 And our own annual photo

 Family time is so special.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Review: The Fifth to Die

The Fifth to Die The Fifth to Die by J.D. Barker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the midst of one of the worst winters Chicago has seen in years, the body of missing teenager Ella Reynolds is discovered under the surface of a frozen lake. She's been missing for three weeks...the lake froze over three months ago.

Detective Sam Porter and his team are brought in to investigate but it's not long before another girl goes missing. The press believes the serial killer, Anson Bishop, has struck again but Porter knows differently. The deaths are too different, there's a new killer on the loose.

Porter however is distracted.

He's still haunted by Bishop and his victims, even after the FBI have removed him from the case. His only leads: a picture of a female prisoner and a note from Bishop: "Help me find my mother. I think it's time she and I talked."

As more girls go missing and Porter's team race to stop the body count rising, Porter disappears to track down Bishop's mother and discover that the only place scarier than the mind of a serial killer is the mind of the mother from which he came.

I would have given this 5 stars - apart from the ending! No spoilers but there had better be a #3 out soon. I also hadn't read the first book so now I'll have to source that. I found it hard to put this one down. It twists and turns and pulls you in. Yes it would have helped to have read the earlier book but it didn't spoil my enjoyment of this one.

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