Sunday 29 September 2013

It's raining...rice!

Working in a school is never boring.  This week was a definite reminder of that.  We are currently recruiting for a new Headteacher and on Thursday I had two prospective candidates coming to look around the school.  The first one was due at 1pm so I knew I would have to grab an early lunch but as usual I got bogged down in work.  At about 12.45 I realised the time and went into the dining hall - just at the wrong time.  A couple of boys had been winding another boy up and as I walked in things erupted.  Literally.  Two of the boys jumped up to have a go at one another.  Trouble was they were holding their food trays at the time.

The trays went flying and suddenly it was raining lamb curry and rice.

A member of the lunchtime staff took hold of one boy and, in the absence of any teaching staff, I took the other one out to the Headteacher's office.  What I didn't realise until much later was that some of the curry that had landed on him transferred to me!  The visiting candidate either didn't notice (quite possible as it was a man) or was too polite to mention it!

I managed to get myself cleaned up before the other candidate arrived and also managed to have some lunch thanks to our helpful welfare assistant.  As I was dealing with the raining rice incident I was told that my one o'clock appointment had arrived so I had to ask her to grab me some lunch before everything was cleared away.

So another late lunch, another eventful day.

Monday 23 September 2013

Oops I did it again

It's hard to know where the last weeks have gone.  I knew I hadn't blogged for a while but was shocked to see how long it had been since my last post when I logged in today!

I haven't even really been following friends' posts either.

Good and bad reasons for that so here's a quick catch up.

The bad was the pain from the neck.  It really pulled me down and I rather lost interest in a lot of things.  The good was that we were away on and off during the summer.  But I'm pleased to say that the neck is much better and although it's not perfect, I'm still doing exercises and watching my posture, I'm relatively pain free now.

So that's a really good thing.

Other good things were our weekend in Loughborough which is where my hubby went to uni.  We met up with a number of people he knew from way back then - 40 years ago since they graduated.  Some were couples who had met at uni but there were others like me - wives or husbands tagging along for the ride.  We had a good time, much drinking and eating was done and the next reunion is already being planned for 2015 in South Africa.

The next trip away was to France to Nick's sister.  The rest of the family went too - it was a belated birthday celebration for one of her boys and a farewell party too.  This year her four boys will be studying in Argentina, USA, Germany and France.  Yes they live in France but even the youngest will be studying away from home during the week and only coming home at weekends.  Bad case of empty nest syndrome going on there!

Our daughter has moved out again, back to the flat she shared before.  Only problem is that as she now has a smaller room, which is good because it's less to rent, it's bad because half her stuff is still here!  But she seems happier so I'm pleased for her.  It was fine having her at home but at 27 she felt the need to move out.

Our eldest son has also moved out - he's now living with his girlfriend in Nottingham.  He's started a graduate scheme with the Department for Transport, training as an accountant.  She has just qualified and started work as a teacher.

So we only have the youngest at home.  His long distance relationship is still going strong - his girlfriend was here during the summer and he's heading over the pond for Thanksgiving.  He has also got a new job which he seems to be enjoying working for Channel 4 in their admin offices for advertising.

We  had a couple of days away on our own in Sussex and then our final trip away during the summer was to a converted oast house in Kent.  This was with Nick's family again and it was lovely.  The house was amazing - 9 bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms.  Huge living space, an outside heated swimming pool and tennis court.  We were lucky with the weather and we all enjoyed it so much we've already booked for next year.  I don't think we'll be going camping again any time soon!

Other events during the summer included problems with the cats.  Willow managed to rupture her achilles tendon.  I though initially the vet was trying to tell me that as there was nothing they could do to repair it that she would have to be put down.  However what he went on to advise was ensuring she had complete rest for 3-4 weeks - by keeping her in a cage.  So she spent 4 weeks in a cage large enough for her to be able to sleep eat and .....yes the litter tray fitted in the cage too.  She's now been released and seems to be managing quite well, although she cannot jump very high any more.

Unfortunately we no longer have our other cat Faith.  She was diagnosed with kidney disease a while ago but recently she deteriorated quite rapidly, developing kidney stones and we were left with no choice but to put her to sleep.  One of the hardest things I've had to do but Rebecca was a great support.  

The moral of both those stories is that if we have any pets in future we will make sure they are insured!   

Insurance is a funny thing.  My husband Nick has been diagnosed with sleep apnoea so he now sleeps using a CPAP machine.  He's coping quite well with the machine, better than I thought he would.  One downside though is that he cannot drive at present.  When I rang the insurance company to advise them of this I naively thought this would reduce the amount we paid. I was suprised to find it would cost more - the logic being that two people driving long journeys is better than one.  They clearly haven't driven with my husband recently who I'd have to constantly talk to so that he wouldn't nod off!  Fortunately they agreed to remove him without charging me extra.

So that's the summer round up.  I'm now back at work with lots going on there but for now it's time for bed!