Introducing Alice

From time to time you will find posts on my blog involving Alice.

Back in 2019 when preparing for the A-Z Challenge which takes place in April I decided to steer away from using a particular theme.  Instead I used the idea of having a muse based loosely on the Alice from Alice in Wonderland.  I wanted to be a bit more creative in my writing and I think it worked.

Alice's own introduction of herself was as follows:

Well while Wendy’s asleep let me introduce myself. I’m Alice. And I’m definitely her muse. Her alter ego. I’m her fun side. Yes she’s a bit of a goody two shoes, stick in the mud but thankfully she has me. I like to abseil and do acrobatics and lot of other things she’d never do a) because she finds them too scary and b) she’s getting too old. She’s a Grandmother 3 times over and spends a lot of time with her Grandsons. It’s clear she’s lacking in adult conversation sometimes so perhaps not so surprising she waffles. She once had a thing she calls the “Toilet Demon”. What kind of thing is that? Definitely not a good thing. Not a word inspiring thing. Although she could talk about if for hours if you’re prepared to listen.

She definitely doesn’t like to take chances. She also doesn’t like trying new things, like listening to me and writing great blog posts.

That first series of posts involving Alice did have a lot of references to the book and sometimes Alice seemed to take on a life of her own.  I did have plans to keep involving her in my blog but that didn't really happen.

In 2022 I was once again struggling to come up with a theme for the A-Z Challenge.  I do find it easier to have a theme to work with and in theory it makes it easier to plan posts in advance.  The reality is that I always seem to be winging it during the month of April.  Eventually I decided to resurrect Alice and write about "Conversations in my head".

Having successfully completed  the 2022 challenge my intention is to include more posts involving Alice as I do think it adds a bit of variety to my blog.  Watch this space!

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