Friday, 3 March 2023

Friday's Fave Five - 3/3/23

Not sure how but it's Friday again!  So much for trying to keep blogging on a regular basis - well I guess once a week is a regular thing.  Friday means it's time to reflect on the week and find the good things.

Susanne is our host for this over at Living to Tell the Story.  Hop over there to see who else is taking part.

1)  The decorating is finished!  (For now.)  It's been very chaotic here with the kitchen, dining room and utility room all being decorated this week.  We moved our dining table into the lounge and set up the kettle and toaster in there and we muddled through.  The team were very good at clearing up at the end of each day so we were able to prepare dinner without too much hassle.  They actually finished on Wednesday and I spent most of yesterday getting things straight.  We still need to put a bookcase back into the dining room and we're done.  Although of course the lounge then needs to be cleaned and put straight.  One thing leads to another...... lol

I haven't taken any pics because all we've had done is repainting rather than remodelling.  Our grey walls are now a pale green but everything looks clean and fresh.

2)  We've had a water butt installed in the garden so we can save some of the rainwater and use it for the garden.  Thankful to be able to find someone recommended and get that job done quickly.

3)  An impromptu meal out last Saturday with hubby.  We'd been binge watching a series on TV (Happy Valley - not for the faint hearted) and it had got late so we talked about getting a takeaway but in the end we decided to take the train up to Chingford and take pot luck.  We found a nice Italian restaurant that had a space and we had a nice meal.  Hubby had lamb chops and I had a pasta dish with chicken and bacon in a creamy sauce with a balsamic drizzle on it which was delicious.

We had Tiramisu (me) and Strawberry cheesecake (hubby) for dessert.  Again no pics - I am so forgetful!

4)  Time with Rory and Vinny on Wednesday - they were both at home as Vinny has had earache and Rory just seemed exhausted what with long school days and disturbed nights with Vinny so I went over in the afternoon to give my son a break.  Fortunately I had books from the library they hadn't read so we worked our way through them and then watched some TV.

5)  Maisie is almost ready to take shape!

She now has a dress, cardigan, french knickers and..... one completed shoe!  The other shoe is almost done but....I ran out of the pink yarn.  I was so cross because this was bought as a kit and I wouldn't say that I knit on the loose side, if anything I think I knit quite tightly so it was very annoying not to be able to quite complete the other shoe. Fortunately I was able to source the yarn online.  Hopefully the colour won't be any different, if it is I'll have to redo the top of the first shoe.

Of course I couldn't just buy the pink yarn - I would have had to pay for postage so I now have enough yarn to make a dog.  The clothes for the dog look much less complicated than Maisie's outfit.

The yarn arrived today so hopefully I'll soon have Maisie finished.

And a bonus for this week - a knit and natter evening on Wednesday.

Have a good weekend all.


  1. Glad you had a good week! See you again soon!

  2. Another busy week. It must be satisfying to get the rooms all sorted . I have been very bad at keeping up with my blogging. Even once a week seems a lot at the moment.

  3. I must have missed something, it seems you turned your house upside down ? Spring cleaning ! My walls are also grey, (a color which I hate) but it's a soft grey and I hang my colorful paintings on the walls so it doesn't look dull at all ! My son's kitchen is green too, unfortunately not a soft green but rather a meadow green for cows !

  4. Oh the yarn we can collect, right? You need 20 meters, but have to buy 200 in a skein.
    Congrats on getting the painting finished!
    It is a blessing for you and the grands to have time together.
    Have a good weekend! Maybe another train ride and dinner?

  5. Frustrating about the yarn. Pretty colors though. Sounds like you had a good week. Hope the next one goes just as well.

  6. The anonymous person is me Gattina !

  7. Hi Wendy,
    Oh that meal sounds so good. :-) Dessert really sounds good.
    You will have to do TV show reviews along with your book reviews.
    Have a great new week!

  8. Tiramisu is one of my most favorite desserts. Yay for the decorating being done. Living in renos is hard. The Maisie outfit is adorable. Frustrating about the yarn. Enjoy your knit and natter evening!


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