Friday 8 September 2023

Friday's Fave Five - 8/9/23

It's Friday again so time to pause and look back on the week and then share our posts over at Susanne's site here.

1)  Well I've posted an autumn picture above but it's been like mid summer here the last few days - we've hit temps around 30 degrees C and I am so glad that a)  we have fans and b) that there is usually a part of the house that keeps cool.  I've also made use of the hand held fans that I bought earlier in the summer.  It hasn't made sleeping easy though.

2)  Being able to cope with sick grandchildren.  Yesterday we were scheduled to babysit Nathan and Ella while my daughter and DIL went out for a meal and to the theatre.  We collected Nathan from school and went back to their house and he didn't seem very well but we put it down to the heat.  He was really hot so DIL gave him some medicine to hopefully bring down his temp.  Anyway DIL left to meet up with our daughter and no sooner had she gone than he was really sick.  Thankfully we've spent so much time with Nathan we were able to cope with him not being well and get Ella to bed and although there were lots of messages between us and their parents during the evening I'm glad that they were able to get to see the play and it didn't totally spoil their evening.  Theatre tickets in London are so expensive it would have been a shame for them not to be able to go.  

3)  I've been glad I'm retired this week with the heat.  I wouldn't have wanted to be working and I've also been able to take it easy and not worry about doing too many chores.

4)  A busy day at the Foodbank yesterday.  We had lots of people turn up and although we had plenty of food for them we didn't have lots of fresh provisions left at the end of the session.  Sometimes fresh food has to be thrown away because it won't keep until the next Tuesday when the foodbank is open again.  

5)  I spent most of my time at the foodbank putting away a delivery from the council and sorting out the storage room, moving a few things around and just a bit of organising.  I also had to keep checking on frozen foods - we put a selection of items out for about 15 minutes but then they have to be returned to the freezers and another selection put out.  One of the longer serving helpers made a point of complimenting me on my organisational skills.  Sometimes it's the little things like that which make your day!

Well time is getting on and, despite the heat, I've still managed to walk a little bit each day so I need a shower before going to bed.  We have a busy weekend ahead so I need my sleep.

Have a good weekend all.


  1. I turned my air conditioner off earlier this week when I heard reports of overnight frost not far away. Last evening I realized how hot it was in the house and back on it went! It's a back-and-forth time of year.

  2. Hi Wendy, that is ice that you could stay with your grandkids so your daughters could still go to the theater.
    I am retired too and am very thankful for it! Our church does the same thing once a week. Our weather is back to the mid 90's which is around 37C. We don't get fall weather until mid October!

  3. Hi Wendy. I think it's great that you volunteer at the food pantry. I volunteered at our local food pantry some years back and it was a good experience. I hope your temperatures cool down. Have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  4. It's still really hot here, too hot to do much outside. I'm not putting my fall decorations up until it starts to feel like fall. :-)

    I'm sorry Nathan was sick while there but glad you all were able to cope ok. I hope he's doing better now.

    How neat to volunteer at the food bank. It's nice when people appreciate our efforts.

  5. How nice you can be with your grandchildren and give the parents a break. I hope your grandson is feeling better!! It's been VERY hot and humid here in Eastern NY (actually all across the northeast!) ...we really want some early autumn temps at this point. (60s and 70s F).
    I'm thinking of volunteering at one of our local food banks as well! I need to give them a call and see how that happens. I'm also thinking of volunteering at our town library. I need things to do come winter!! :) It's so weird not to be teaching every day. but i have to say i'm loving it.

  6. Hi Wendy, we had a HOT and DRY summer here in Northwest Wisconsin. We might be cooling down to Autumn temperatures this next week, but no sign of rain. We are in a drought.
    I liked hearing about the the volunteering you do. Interesting indeed. And good for you with our organizing.

  7. These temperatures are making sleeping difficult. It is horrible when the grandkids are poorly. Well done for .anaging the situation so that the parents could still have a night out. The cost of London theatres is terrible. I hardly ever go now.

  8. Our heat finally abated yesterday (Sunday). I hope you are cooling now too. (yes, I am super super late commenting)
    Oh poor Nathan. I hope he is feeling better now.
    As I was reading your fave about what you did at the foodbank, I thought, she has great organization skills. I hope they notice that... So yes, I am glad the other volunteer said something to you.
    Have a good week!

  9. It's supposed to be 30*C here on the weekend again but there is definitely a feel of fall coming in the air. Glad you were able to cope with little Nathan not feeling well and still give his parents an evening out. Hope he feels better soon. Nice to have your skills recognized!


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