Sunday 22 January 2023

Just Jot it January - Day 22 - Seasonal

Today's prompt is Seasonal provided by Kaye who blogs here.

Rules etc as always can be found here.

We are having very seasonal weather at the moment - it's winter and it's cold.  Much as I'm not a fan of the cold weather I do like the weather to be right for the season.  Here in the UK winter should be cold, spring should be warmer, summer should be hot and then we need to cool down again in autumn ready for another winter.

The past year or so there have been some fluctuations with that and we have had some very hot spells too.  It's a bit disconcerting.  (I'm staying clear of the climate change conversation.  No dramas here thank you.)

Anyway cold or not I persuaded Hubby out for a walk today.  We decided to do what we call the golf course lap.  

Beautiful blues skies but as you can see we needed warm coats, hats and gloves.  Oh and don't forget the wellies and walking boots.  The ground was muddy in places, frozen in others.  Not much golf being played - actually there was more dog walking going on than golfing. And yes I'm still rubbish at taking selfies.

We don't walk the entire course but there's a loop we can do that is just under 2 miles.

We cheated a bit today as when we got back to the end of our road a bus was due so we hopped on the bus.  It's only one stop but the stop is right opposite our house and as we get free travel (because we're over 60) we decided to take advantage of it.

I was feeling a bit tired as I stayed up really late last night, well actually into this morning but look:

it's finished!

I found it quite a challenge and early on I was contemplating whether it was doable.  But I hate giving up on things.

Right an early night is beckoning as I have about another 180 pages left to read in a book club choice.  Something else I'm finding hard going.



  1. Kudos to your hubby for agreeing to walk with you! I should have your get-up-and-go attitude but find myself sadly lacking. Stay warm and get some rest. That puzzle is crazy!! Congrats on the finish!! xo

    1. Thanks Terri. Some days I'm more motivated that others.


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