Saturday 28 January 2023

Just Jot it January - Day 28 - #SoCS - Throw in the Towel

2 for the price of 1 again today.  A #SoCS post that will count as a Jot.

For all the information on how this works go here.

The prompt for the post is "throw in the towel"

Well it's day 28 of the Just Jot it January challenge and I've posted something everyday so far (although one post was past midnight here but still on the right day in the US so I'm counting that as a win) oops digressing as usual.

Anyway I'm not throwing in the towel now with only 3 days to go and one of those is my own prompt.

Actually I hate throwing in the towel on anything.  Readers this month will have seen how tenacious I was at getting a difficult jigsaw puzzle completed.  Although I did think I might give up on it in the first couple of sessions when I seemed to make hardly any progress.

I'm like that with books too.  I hate not finishing a book although there have been rare occasions when I have done - sometimes when I realise I've already read the book!

I've just started reading "A Prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving.  Needed a book with a J either in the title or the author's name and that book has been lying around in my TBR pile for ages.  I try and use books in my TBR pile for reading challenges when I can but this might be more than I can handle.  I'm not sure I'll have it finished by next weekend - it's long.  Anyone read any Irving books?  Let's just say it feels like you're reading a combination of books in one volume.  He is very verbose - definitely must work on the premise why use a word when a sentence would be better or come to that why stick to a sentence when a paragraph could be used.  And why not go off on a complete tangent while we're at it!

Oops just broken a SoCS rule - I went back and switched an exclamation mark for a full stop.  I use too many exclamation marks.

Hmm I've lost my train of thought so maybe now would be a good time to throw in the towel on this post.


  1. Wendy, I loved your post today! Always well done!! Happy weekend!

  2. Hang in there, Wendy! only three more to go!


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