Wednesday 18 January 2023

Just Jot it January - Day 18

Oh gosh I'm pushing the time limit again today!

I did manage to get some chores done today but I've also done some more on the jigsaw.

This was on day 1 (9th Jan)

This is today.

It's coming on but it is hard!

I should also have included a picture of another WIP which is a blanket I'm knitting.  I can't start the Pig kit yet because I had to order some needles in the right sizes.

It was my knitting group meeting tonight so I had to take something to knit with me so I did some more on the blanket.

No updated picture on that or I won't get this posted the right side of midnight.

I also spent time this afternoon going through this pile of paperwork received in the post today.

It relates to benefits we received for our kids during the period 2004-2008.  HMRC believe we owe them money as they overpaid us.  We agree they overpaid us but we think it was less than they have asked for.  We wrote to them in 2007 with full details and asked them to check their figures and advise.

We heard nothing until last July!  It's now gone to a tribunal.  It will have cost them more in the hours of work involved than the amount they hope to recover!



  1. Sometimes 'government' or 'big business' makes no sense at all. I hope the tribunal works in your favor. Good grief.

    1. To be honest Terri when we didn't hear anything after we wrote to them in 2007 we thought they must have decided to write the debt off. Unfortunately not - although they have destroyed paperwork for the period so not sure what the tribunal will make of it all.


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