Sunday 12 October 2014

This ageing thing.

I'm getting old. Well of course I am although the correct phrase would be getting older. We all are. Every second of every day.  But sometimes, like when your godson turns 18 you are reminded of the process.  

We went to a lovely family party for his birthday yesterday but it was a reminder of how quickly those 18 years have passed. But by virtue of a photo wall we could also see all the things he's done during that time.

Nick's mum was there and she hasn't been well lately. By the time she went home she seemed unwell again but it was difficult to tell how much of it was due to exhaustion.  She is 86. Old. But still mentally alert although physically frail. But she loves to see all the extended family and sometimes tries to stay too long at these things.

I think we can all be guilty of that, frightened of missing anything.  Although some things, for example your children's drunken behaviour, is best not witnessed.  Watching all our children and their cousins developing into fine young people is a blessing. But suddenly we find ourselves as the older generation and it doesn't always sit well with me.  Where did the time go? How much time is left? What should I be doing with my time.

A crossroads is approaching.  I used to enjoy my job and look forward to going to work. I'm not able to say that at the moment. For lots of reasons. But it is not a nice feeling.  So that raises questions. Should I change jobs? Scary, as the grass may not be greener elsewhere. Should I retire? Financially it could be viable but I'm not sure I'm ready for that.  I think I need to give things time and see if they improve. Change is a scary thing.  We've had enough this year already with the first marriage in our immediate family, another being considered and the empty nest to contend with.  

I just need more time in the day to get everything done but this time thing - it's all rather elusive.


Wednesday 8 October 2014

How do you wash up?

We're getting used to our empty nest.  Mostly it's fine.  No more issues over how many dinners to cook and less laundry to do.  We've still seen quite a bit of the kids as well, even providing beds at times. One problem we do have is scheduling the dishwasher.  It always needed running once a day.  Now there are only two of us that isn't always the case so we are getting out of sync.  On occasion the dishwasher is not full enough to run but we need the pans or utensils in it.

I think we might have to invest in some more pans etc.  The alternative (having to wash up) doesn't bear thinking about!

Sunday 5 October 2014

Sabbatical is over

Well a nine month gap is a long time to be missing.  Fortunately I have not been gestating a baby. My twenty something kids would have probably been horrified at the prospect.  I have been working, a lot.  A new headteacher with new ways and a new broom takes a bit of getting used to.  We are not there yet. Not even close.

Work life balance seems to have gone down the pan which is something I need to address as a matter of urgency if only for my sanity.  So a  return to blogging is required.  Plus a move away from the bottle.  The red stuff can be very tempting after a long day.

But I do have a lot to be thankful for, just need to remind myself sometimes.

We had a lovely summer break.

We travelled to Barre, Vermont, USA for our youngest son's wedding.  It was beautiful.  There were tears but much laughter and a great time was had by all.

We were made to feel so welcome by our new family members.

We enjoyed time in Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York.

We also spent a week away with Nick's extended family which was lovely although late night revellers and early rising toddlers didn't allow for too much sleep 😜

We're awaiting the arrival of our new daughtier-in-law when, as she put it, the Queen lets her in.  Her visa application is taking a while.  We hope she will get here for late October as her parents have planned a visit for then and we're also planning a family event for them as well.

My daughter has just got engaged.

We have an empty nest.  Not exactly thankful for that but what's the point of raising children if not for them to become confident adults who can survive on their own.  They all seem to be doing just fine without us but we won't be downsizing just yet as the spare beds still get used regularly.

Well a quick catch up.  Hopefully it won't be a one blog post wonder.