Thursday 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

It’s that time of year again when we look ahead to the New Year and think about resolutions.  Part of me wants to follow my cousin’s philosophy – that we shouldn’t wait until the New Year to resolve to do something.  If it’s important we should be doing it anyway.  Some of you will have noted that recently I adopted a “Just do it” mantra to try and overcome my bad habit of procrastination.  It’s working well but it is good to step back sometimes and think about what we want to achieve.  The start of a new year seems a logical time to do that and I’m nothing if not logical at times.  Watch me do puzzles if you don’t believe me.  You’d also note that I’m stubborn and don’t admit defeat gracefully.  Not to myself anyway, I’m better at admitting defeat to someone else.

Hmm I digress.  Another bad habit.

Visiting some of the other Hodgepodge posts this week I came across a few ideas about resolutions.  One was from Marla at Marla’s Musings which was to keep a “Gratitude Jar”.  (Placing notes inside of good things when they happen so you can look back at them at the end of the year or any time you might need a boost.)

Another was from Susan at Stew Mama Says who plans to:

Eat less.
Move more.
Put down my phone.
Be present.
Clean a closet.
Or two.
Learn something new.
Make dinner.
Look around.
Close the computer.
Take a walk.
Pray some more.
Give thanks.
Show love.

I think I could handle those.  Well apart from closing the computer.  Because if I did that I might not blog and that’s something I want to continue with.  I’m already looking ahead to the A-Z Challenge.  2015 was my first year for that but it really did get my enthusiasm for blogging back and led to finding lots of interesting blogs to follow.

2015 started badly but improved as the year went on especially with the engagement of our eldest son and the wedding of our daughter.

I’m looking forward to 2016 in a much better frame of mind and of course another wedding.  As far as resolutions go I'm going to try and keep the Just Do It mantra going and to be kind to myself.  I think if we're happy with ourselves we can cope with what the world might throw at us.

Happy New Year to all who visit here.