Friday, 27 August 2021

Friday's Fave Five - 27/8/21

Friday already?  Time to look back on the week and find the favourite things and then share over at Susanne's site: Living to Tell the Story.

1)  My bowel screening test came back clear.  It was a routine test so I wasn't expecting any surprises but still good to get that confirmed.

2)  My new Fitbit arrived and I'm getting used to it.  It has more features than my last one which I'm gradually getting to grips with.

3)  We had these little guys here this week:

Miles seems fully recovered from his bout of Covid and Noah enjoyed an adventure with his Daddy while he was here.  He took him on the cable car across the Thames or as Noah put it the "flying car".

4)  My son, DIL and Rory and Vinny arrived back safely from the US.  It was lovely catching up with them again this week too.  We even managed a picnic lunch in the garden.

5)  We survived the sleepover with Nathan last Friday.  He did wake up around 3am and I had to snuggle in with him but he was fine in the morning so we're definitely putting it down as a success!

Definitely a family focussed week, my favourite way to spend time.

Have a good weekend.

Friday, 20 August 2021

Friday's Fave Five - 20/8/21

Susanne usually hosts this on Fridays but she's taking a break this week as she has family visiting.  The idea is to look back on the week and write about 5 things that we are grateful for.  Even on uneventful weeks (which lots of mine have been during this pandemic!) there are always things to be found and it's a good habit.

So although there's no link up this week I'm still listing my faves which are:

1)  Got some tests out of the way this week.  Hopefully results will be back soon.  I'm not particularly worried about them and I wrote more about them here.

2)  I lost my Fitbit this week, not something I'm grateful for, but I am grateful that I was able to order a replacement and it's currently on its way.  Should arrive by Monday or Tuesday.

3)  A neighbour who likes to share.  The neighbour to our left has a bigger garden than ours and the bottom section is used for growing fruits and vegetables.  There are only the two of them (although they do have family close by) and we have already benefitted from some broccoli and runner beans.  I now have some cooking apples which I shall turn into a crumble over the weekend.

4)  DIL Amy seems to be much better after her bout of Covid and she was able to complete her first day back at work today after her maternity leave for Miles. 

5)  Grandson Nathan is asleep!  He's having his first sleepover here at Nanny & Grandpa's.  We've looked after him overnight before (when Ella was born) but at his house, never here.  He was a bit of pickle when it came to going to bed but I did eventually get him settled and asleep.  He rarely sleeps right through the night though so the test will be when he wakes as that's when he'll probably want Mummy Becca.  We shall see.  Wish me luck!  His Mummies are coming over in the morning to collect him then I think we'll need a rest. 

Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

A Testing Day

It's been one of those days.

Started off with having to do one of these:

Stool Sample - Funny Medicine For Men Women Medical Surgeon Student School  Digital Art by Crazy Squirrel 

Once you reach 60 in the UK they routinely screen for bowel issues every two years so it was time for my second round of screening.  Done in the comfort of your own bathroom and just posted back.  Hopefully I'll get a clear result in a week or so.

Next I did one of these:

I used one of the new tests we got recently which only use a nasal swab.  So much easier than swabbing the back of your throat.

Then I took myself to the hospital for the mammogram they ordered after the abscess problem I had.  This had been delayed due to us having to self isolate recently.

Getting to the hospital was a challenge for me as it was a new journey by public transport.  This always causes me some anxiety but things went smoothly and coming home is always easier.  

I also did quite a bit of walking today but very annoyingly I lost my Fitbit somewhere along the way.  I think I probably lost it at the hospital when I removed my jacket but despite retracing my steps and revisiting the clinic I couldn't find it.  I will ring the clinic in the morning in case the cleaners found it but otherwise I shall be ordering a new one.  Thankfully my phone recorded me walking over 12000 steps today.  Some of the walking was with hubby - he's leading a local walk on Thursday and wanted to make sure of the route.   As you can imagine I'm tired now and off to bed!

Friday, 13 August 2021

Friday's Fave Five - 13/8/21

Well it's Friday again so time to look back on the week and list five blessings from the week and then share them over at Susanne's blog: Living to Tell the Story.

It's been a quiet week here due to most of it being spent in isolation but I can still list 5 blessings:

1)  Firstly thanks for all the kind messages left on last week's FFF.  It has been a difficult couple of weeks but I'm happy to report Grandson Miles is much better after his bout of Covid and although his Mummy Amy is still feeling under the weather she is much better than she was this time last week.

2)  The rest of the family, including hubby and me, have all remained Covid free and are now out of isolation.

3)  New glasses.  I picked them up today.

Now I just need to sort out a haircut! (And take better selfies!)

4)  New library books.  I did a lot of reading this past week and although I still have a couple of library books to read I passed the library on the way to the optician so I took back those I'd read and got some new ones.  

5)  Better weather.  We have had so much rain this last week but today stayed dry and was warm but not unbearable hot.

Plus Grandsons Rory and Vinny seem to be having a great time on their holiday, Matt & Amy celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary today 

and hopefully tomorrow we'll see Nathan and Ella and their Mummies.  On Sunday there is a local jumble trail to explore.

Have a good weekend all. 

Friday, 6 August 2021

Friday's Fave Five & other things! 6/8/21

Lots of catching up to do here.

Firstly I missed posting my photo of the week last week which would have been this one:

Not a great photo but it has 4 of the 6 grandchildren in it and their parents, plus hubby in the background.  I took loads but it's nigh on impossible to get four little ones all looking the right way, let alone smiling.  This was probably the best of a bad lot.  

Matt and Amy had arrived late on the Tuesday (27th) and this was taken on the Wednesday.  They stayed until last Sunday (1st) and we managed to get all the grandkids together briefly on the Saturday but I didn't even attempt to get a group photo.

The main reason they were down at this time was to attend a wedding on the Thursday (29th).  On that day Nick and I had all of the little ones in this photo during the day, except Rory who was at nursery.  We then collected Rory from nursery and after feeding them we handed Rory and Vinny over to two of our lovely nieces to put to bed while we brought Noah and Miles back here to do the same.

Noah is very good at going to bed and, even though he's not as used to us as his other grandparents he didn't make a peep.  Miles was a bit more challenging but eventually gave in.

 I didn't dare try and put him down in the cot!

As you can imagine hosting them and having the others visiting didn't leave much time for blogging!

This week started very differently and this is my photo of the week:

This is a screen shot of the NHS app on my phone.

Unfortunately someone at the wedding tested positive for Covid.  This meant Matt and Amy had to get tested and unfortunately Amy tested positive.  She had been feeling unwell but hoped it was just a bad cold.  Noah hadn't been well while they were here and was constantly telling us he was "snotty"!

This meant Nick and I had to go for PCR tests plus Rebecca & Vicky.  Fortunately we all tested negative but rules are still that you have to isolate for 10 days from last contact with an infected person.

Michael & Liz and their boys were already on a plane to New York!  They had tested before they left and tested again when they arrived and again were negative.

So it seemed that Amy was the only one unfortunate to have been infected.  She's also the only one who's only had 1 vaccination - her second jab was booked for this week.

But then Miles became unwell and ended up in hospital for 2 nights.

They were concerned about his SATs levels which were dropping too low when he was asleep so initially they gave him oxygen through a nose cannula but then switched to a mask near his face.

He also tested positive for Covid but thankfully he improved enough that by the end of this afternoon he was allowed home.  He was clearly happy about that!  

Hopefully he'll continue to improve in the peace and quiet of home where he and Mummy can get some rest.

As you can see it's been a busy week or so and a worrying last few days.  On top of which I obviously caught the bug that the little ones had and had a rotten cough since Monday and felt quite unwell.  If I hadn't had a PCR and 3 lateral flow tests all come back negative I might be more concerned but I did feel a bit better today so hopefully over the worst.

But despite all this drama there are still things to be thankful for and on Fridays we join in at Susanne's blog Living to Tell the Story to share them.

Here are mine:

1)  That Miles and Amy are home and hopefully will continue to improve.

2)  Our NHS being there when we need it, even with the pandemic.

3)  That none of the rest of us caught Covid.

4)  Michael and Liz made it to Vermont to see her family after a very long time - first time they have met Vinny.

Jet lag obviously caught up with Rory today:

5)  Online shopping - we made it through to our delivery this morning although we were getting low on milk but of course we can't just pop out to the shop.

Hubby and I had very different priorities on what we needed to get through the isolation period though:

Nick's choice, a dozen bottles of wine.

My choice, chocolate!

5 more days to go!

Have a good weekend all!

Friday, 23 July 2021

21 in 21 - Weekly Photo #29 - w/c 19/7/21

Despite it being very hot this week I did manage to get out for a walk on Wednesday evening.  It was just after 9 pm but it was still light enough.  The moon was already visible though:

Not quite a full moon but nearly.

Friday's Fave Five - 23/7/21

Goodness me, where did the week go?  It doesn't seem a week since I last posted but it obviously is.  Time to look back on the blessings of the week and then share them over at Susanne's site:  Living to Tell the Story.

Here are mine:

1)  Cooler weather today.  We have had temperatures hovering just below 30⁰ C this week.  It hasn't felt much cooler overnight either so sleeping has been difficult.  I find it exhausting but today we're down to low 20s and this evening when I went for a walk I needed a cardigan!

2)  Flowers in my front flower bed

I had no idea what that bush would produce but aren't they lovely?
Having done a google search I think it's a Yucca plant.

3)  A successful trip to the optician.  This was well overdue but you know, this COVID thing has really disrupted everything.  My prescription definitely needed changing.  It was a new optician for me, just a 10 minute walk away.  More high-tech than our previous one.  On top of all the usual tests I also had a scan done of my eyes.  Everything looked good so now I just have to wait for my new glasses.

4)  A negative COVID test for Grandson Rory.  There has been a virus going around his nursery which is not COVID but he'd been doing a lot of coughing so they decided to err on the side of caution and get him tested.  They're flying to the states at the end of the month so they're being extra careful at the moment, especially as our case numbers are high again and restrictions have just been eased!  It will be the first time his other grandparents will have seen Vinny.

5)  These:

Yes sometimes it's the little things.  I really need a haircut but first I need to research the local salons.  Anyway my fringe has now got to the awkward length of being too long so that it gets in my eyes but not long enough to tuck behind my ears!  At the opticians today I had to keep holding it back while the tests were done.  So annoying.  I need a hairclip I thought.  I used to have lots of different ones and combs but when we moved I got rid of them because I never used them but..... I kept these!  I'm not sure the clipped back look is particularly flattering but I'm past caring at my age lol.

So those are my 5 of this week.

The mystery identity of the bird I spotted last week has also been solved:
It's a green woodpecker.

Have a good weekend all.  Ours is forecast to be a wet one.  

Friday, 16 July 2021

Friday's Fave Five - 16/7/21

Well it's Friday again and time to look back on the blessings of the week and then head over to Susanne's page to share them with others.  (Here - Living to Tell the Story )

1)  Spending time at my daughter's helping to do some sorting as they prepare to move house.  So glad I'm retired!

2)  Spending time with Grandkids - we saw all four London based little ones this week.  Of course we miss the other 2 but hopefully we'll see them again too.  

Can't believe Ella will be 8 months tomorrow.

3)  A negative COVID test.  I agreed to take part in a research project which involved taking a test and sending it off.  I did the test last Saturday and the result came through on Tuesday as negative.  Of course it does rely on me having administered the test correctly.  (Test results at the test centres for anyone with symptoms come through much quicker.)

4)  We had torrential rain during the week but fortunately we weren't flooded as some areas of London were and even those areas weren't as badly hit as some areas of Europe.  And now we have lots of sunshine.  It's definitely summer!

5)  I'm keeping up my walking but the hot weather means I'm tending to walk in the evening when it's cooler.  I managed just over 3 miles tonight and spotted this little fellow:

No idea what bird it is but the red stripe on its head caught my eye.  Name that bird anyone?

Have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

21 in 21 - Weekly photo #28 - w/c 12/7/21

Another few from the lake this week taken on my evening walk:

Good to see how well the cygnets are doing.  The heron was a bit camera shy.

21 in 21 - Weekly photo #27 - w/c 5/7/21

I took these last week when I was out for a walk one evening in the park.  There was suddenly a flurry of parakeets across the park and they landed in this tree nearby.  Hard to spot all of them because they blend in so well with the tree!  (And my phone camera is not great when zooming in.)

Friday, 9 July 2021

Friday's Fave Five - 9/7/21

Susanne at Living to tell the Story reminds us every Friday to look back on the blessings of the week.  Here are mine:

1)  A better week.  I've been getting back into my regular routines and walking so I feel much better for that.  And I'm here on time for once!

2)  A trip to the library.  Some for me and some for the Grandkids!

3)  Sun between the rain showers.  There have been a lot of showers this week but in between we've had some nice spells of sunshine and it's been nice and warm rather than unbearably hot.  Hubby even managed to get the grass cut before it got too wet.

4)  I survived a whole day babysitting Vinny.  My DIL is back at work now and Daddy is home looking after the kids.  Today however he's gone off to Liverpool for a stag weekend so I had Vinny all day.  The first time I've done that but he was really good.  He's crawling now and trying to pull himself up on everything so he needs watching every second.  He also doesn't like to nap for long - he managed 35 minutes twice today so not a lot of rest for Nanny!  We went out to the shops this morning and then to the park in the afternoon to break the day up.

A ride in the buggy helps with napping!

5)  Convenience meals!  Hubby has been out with uni friends today but obviously I didn't want to have to come home and cook so I grabbed a dinner I could just throw in the oven for tonight.  I'll probably wash it down with a glass of wine!

Have a good weekend all.

Monday, 5 July 2021

New link for following by e-mail - 5/7/21

Blogger uses will be familiar with the news that the feedburner option to follow my posts will no longer be available.

But......if you're used to getting e-mails telling you about my new posts you can still do this through  Just sign up on the link on the right hand side of my blog and you should (hopefully if I've done everything right 🤞) receive e-mail notifications as before.

If you have time to let me know if it works okay I'd appreciate any feedback.


Sunday, 4 July 2021

I'm still here! 4/7/21

Firstly happy July 4th to all my American friends.  Hope you've had a good day today.

Another week without a proper blog.  I didn't even do the regular Friday's Fave Five this week.  I think the infection I had plus the strong course of antibiotics really took it out of me both physically and mentally.  I've been quite tired and my stomach has been quite unsettled so I haven't been doing very much at all.

I have read quite a few books.  I've watched quite a bit of TV and of course there have been certain football games that just had to be seen.  I'm not a great football fan but there definitely is an air of expectation at the moment regarding England and the European championships.  They've reached the semi-finals and are playing well.

And of course we're now going into the second week of the Wimbledon Tennis so another excuse for ignoring the to do list.

Hopefully this week will be more productive and I'll be able to get out for some walks - weather permitting.  It hasn't felt like summer this week!  I'm also planning a trip to the library.  I've only got one library book left to read plus I want to get a few different ones for the Grandchildren when they come.  

Have a good week all.


21 in 21 - Weekly Photo #26 - w/c 28/6/21


Bit of a cheat this week - but I did photograph the photograph! (Although not very well.)

Rory's recent photo shoot at nursery - a lovely birthday gift for me.  Too cute.


21 in 21 - Weekly Photo #25 - w/c 21/6/21

One from my birthday last week.  4 of my favourite little people.

Saturday, 26 June 2021

Friday's Fave Five (on Saturday) - 26/6/21

Yes I know it's Saturday but I have so many things to be thankful for that I couldn't miss the Friday's Fave 5 again.  Thanks to Susanne for hosting - give her a visit at Living to Tell the Story and see who else joined in.

1.  Well firstly I'm thankful that my laptop seems to have dried out - hubby spilt some wine on it on Thursday evening and yesterday it was typing complete gobblydygook!  Here's a before and after:

Thmeb quj7icykb b rown,b foxb ujujhmpsb overb thmeb lazykb dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Just trying to type my password in to get into the laptop took ages and really challenged my patience!  So no blogging done yesterday but this morning all seems ok. Phew!

2)  I'm especially thankful to my GP service and our NHS.  I missed last Friday's Fave Five as I was in hospital.  I'd gone to my GP on the Monday as a cyst I'd had for a while quickly became infected and turned into an abscess.  He prescribed antibiotics and arranged for a breast clinic referral - mainly as a precaution.  By Thursday morning things were much worse but again I was able to make contact with my GP who arranged for me to be seen by the surgical team at the hospital.  This resulted in a hospital stay of 5 nights and intravenous antibiotics.  I came home on Tuesday with oral antibiotics but the wound is healing and I'm feeling better although still tired.  Being in hospital is not restful, especially when you getting woken at 2 am each night for observations and the night staff seem to think the day starts between 5.30 and 6.00 am!  (Yes I know some of you reading this are early risers and will agree with them but I'm a night owl lol.)

3)  While I was in hospital I was seen by the breast clinic and thankfully it was confirmed I'd had a sebaceous cyst in my chest wall and there was nothing causing alarm in the breast.  They managed to do an ultrasound but I was spared a mammogram - that will be done in about 6 weeks just to be completely sure all is ok.  

4)  A catch up with my best friend.  She came for a visit yesterday and brought me this:

Isn't it lovely.  Not the best picture - it says welcome on the sign.

5)  It's my birthday!  Despite all the craziness in the world right now I've lasted another year.  And this year we can celebrate with some of the family - our daughter and youngest son and their families are coming for afternoon tea today.  

I started the day with breakfast in bed and then hubby attempted to do croissants.  Sadly the first ones got forgotten, burnt and ended up on the floor!

Fortunately there were 2 left and they were delicious.

Apologies if I haven't got around to visiting all your blogs yet.  Normal service is gradually resuming.

Have a good weekend all.