Friday 27 October 2023

Friday's Fave Five - 27/10/23

Well it's definitely feeling colder here and leaves are falling.  It's not as cold as where our host Susanne is though - she already has snow!  But there are always things to be grateful for and shared here on Fridays.

1)  Lots of grandchildren time again this week with it being half-term.  I had Vinny all day last Friday as his nursery was closed then on Saturday evening I babysat Nathan and Ella.  Not the easiest thing on my own as Ella really didn't want to go to bed lol.  Wednesday evening I babysat them again but had an easier time - Nick was with me so he settled Nathan while I managed to get Ella to sleep - divide and conquer.

I also had Ella during the day on Monday and I've had Rory today.  

2. This heron usually perches on the other side of the lake where it's not easy to get a good shot of it.  On Monday it was on the platform on the more accessible side of the  lake.  I edged slowly closer to it and managed to get this photo

Before I took this one!

I love living being so near to the lake and forest.

3)  Keeping up my walking - I've managed to dodge the rain showers we've had and get out for at least half an hour each day (except Thursday - see below).

4)  Yesterday I met up with my "Lunch Ladies" and another former colleague in the afternoon.  It was nice to have a catch up and the walk to and from the station meant I still got my step count up.

5)  A good session at the Foodbank yesterday.  I've been complimented on my organisational skills before but often there isn't time to do much long term organising - last week I ended up running the kitchen but this week I was able to spend the whole session in the store room which meant I was able to do some proper sorting while putting away the delivery.  It's satisfying when you feel like you're making a difference albeit in a small way.

Have a good weekend all.

Friday 20 October 2023

Friday's Fave Five - 20/10/23

It's hard to explain why I've missed 4 weeks of FFF - we have been away but only for a week and there have been quite a few things going on but as one friend described it I think I just had a bit of blogging fatigue.

It's also easy for me to let myself become demotivated, especially with all that's going on in the world right now but, I know that I have a lot to be thankful for and I need to take note of Susanne's reminder each week to think about that and join in here with other bloggers.  

Here goes:

1.  Going back to basics I'm thankful that I'm not living in a war zone or where there are major conflicts or in an area that's prone to flooding or wild fires.  I'm also thankful that I have people who care about me, family and friends.

2.  I'm thankful that, although there are people in our local area that need to use the food bank where I volunteer, there are lots of people /organisations who donate food or money and we are able to meet the needs of the people who come to the foodbank.

3.  A chance to meet up with some former work colleagues and friends last Friday to celebrate the Centenary of the Ursuline Sisters in the UK.  One of my former bosses is an Ursuline Sister and although our school wasn't an Ursuline school we received a great deal of support from the order when she was the Headteacher.  The event started with a thanksgiving Mass in church followed by a lovely lunch in the nearby Ursuline school which my Mother-in-law, most of my Hubby's sisters and our daughter attended in the past.  It was a lovely meal and a chance to catch up with people I hadn't seen for a while.  

4.  A meal out with Hubby on Wednesday.  We had a voucher to use at a nearby pub and realised it was going to expire soon so we decided we had better use it!

Hubby with his rib eye steak and, of course, some red wine!

My BBQ pork ribs.

The food was lovely but I wish they'd use old fashioned big round plates!

5.  Time with grandchildren.  We've seen all of them over the past couple of weeks.  The youngest ones are getting more and more chatty and Ella, the youngest, seems to have very quickly got the idea of using a potty so no longer in nappies.  Vinny and Miles, the newly 3 year olds have some catching up to do lol.

Have a good weekend all.

And now they are 3!

I was going to do a post about our weekend in Loughborough but it needs photos and they are on Hubby's phone so it will have to wait.

Instead I'll post about 2 of my favourite little people, Vinny and Miles who have both just turned 3.

Vinny was the first to turn 3.  We spent some time at the park with brother Rory and cousins Nathan and Ella before going back to my son's flat for an indoor picnic, presents and cake.

We didn't see Miles on his actual birthday but we caught up with him on the way back from Yorkshire before heading on to Loughborough.

I "borrowed" these pics from his Mummy (courtesy of Facebook).  You might be able to tell that both boys are big fans of dinosaurs lol.

And very smiley!

And in case you haven't had enough cuteness, we seem to be starting an umbrella trend:


We've had plenty of rain recently.

Monday 16 October 2023

I have some catching up to do!

We spotted this in Loughborough on our recent travels.

Yes we have been travelling.  The week before last on the Monday we headed up to Yorkshire.  Our starting point was Robin Hood's Bay on the East coast.  

The weather was a bit drizzly but not cold so we were able to get out and about and we did get some sun too.  We stayed in a guest house in what is actually Fylingdales at the top of the hill leading down to the bay.  It's a steep hill!

Lots of rock pools.
The crane in the background was being used in the repairs to the sea wall.

This was on our second day there - the tide was further out and the sun was shining!

This is the road leading down to the bay.  Best to walk down though.

We had a meal in a pub a short walk from the B & B.  I had a lovely beef stew with a dumpling that was more like a scone texture but it was really good.  No dieting while on holiday!  Nick had a curry (it was curry night in the pub) but he wasn't over impressed with it.  

On day 2 we visited Runswick Bay, Staithes and Whitby - more places on the coast.  

Runswick Bay


Whitby Abbey in the distance

These steps lead up to the Abbey (99 of them) - we didn't go up this time as we've been to Whitby before.

Runswick Bay

Still not great at selfies lol

Runswick Bay

The second night we ate in a hotel that was also walking distance from where we were staying.  Can't remember exactly what we ate but it was definitely better than the pub food.

On the Wednesday we headed to York visiting Nunnington Hall on the way - a Manor House that is a National Trust property. Lots of interesting things to see, including some restored hanging tapestries and a collection of miniature rooms that were amazing.  So detailed.

Once we'd checked into the hotel there was time for a walk around York including the city walls.

York City walls - York Minster in the background

We ate in the hotel that evening.  After the meal I relaxed in the hotel while Nick checked out a nearby pub that just happened to have an Open Mic on.  

Thursday saw us heading to Nottingham to catch up with our elder son and his family.  On the way we stopped off at another National Trust property - Clumber Park.  This was the country estate of the Dukes of Newcastle and although the house was taken down in 1938 some buildings remain including a chapel.  There is also a big lake which we took a walk around - probably walked between 3-4 miles!

The Chapel

There were lots of swans on the lake - they must be friendlier than the ones on our lake at home!

We got to Nottingham about 4pm and both grandsons were back from school/nursery.  Always lovely to see them.

We looked after them on Friday morning while both parents were working and we had a great time playing with playdough - Miles was 3 a couple of weeks back and this was one of his presents from us.  Noah's school had a training day so he was home for the day.

Usually there other Granddad Steve looks after Miles on Friday mornings then their other Nanny joins him after lunch so Steve was able to have a lie in this week!

After lunch we headed off to Loughborough - but that's for another post!