Sunday 29 September 2013

It's raining...rice!

Working in a school is never boring.  This week was a definite reminder of that.  We are currently recruiting for a new Headteacher and on Thursday I had two prospective candidates coming to look around the school.  The first one was due at 1pm so I knew I would have to grab an early lunch but as usual I got bogged down in work.  At about 12.45 I realised the time and went into the dining hall - just at the wrong time.  A couple of boys had been winding another boy up and as I walked in things erupted.  Literally.  Two of the boys jumped up to have a go at one another.  Trouble was they were holding their food trays at the time.

The trays went flying and suddenly it was raining lamb curry and rice.

A member of the lunchtime staff took hold of one boy and, in the absence of any teaching staff, I took the other one out to the Headteacher's office.  What I didn't realise until much later was that some of the curry that had landed on him transferred to me!  The visiting candidate either didn't notice (quite possible as it was a man) or was too polite to mention it!

I managed to get myself cleaned up before the other candidate arrived and also managed to have some lunch thanks to our helpful welfare assistant.  As I was dealing with the raining rice incident I was told that my one o'clock appointment had arrived so I had to ask her to grab me some lunch before everything was cleared away.

So another late lunch, another eventful day.


  1. You'll be able to look back and laugh some time soon. Good job at keeping your head.


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