Friday 15 December 2023

Friday's Fave Five - 15/12/2023

Well I've been missing again but I'm here now to look back on the week and find the good things in it.  Susanne is the host for this here where like minded bloggers share their lists too.

1)  Firstly I'm grateful for all the well wishes I received on my last post when I hadn't been well.  I'm also grateful that I'm now feeling a lot better although I still have a bit of a cough.  Thankfully the covid tests I did were negative.

2)  Fun with Grandkids at the weekend - I had Rory and Vinny from early Saturday morning until Sunday morning while my son and DIL went to a wedding.  We also had a visit from Nathan and Ella during the day so it was a bit hectic.  The boys went to bed quite well for me though but we did have an early start on Sunday - I think Vinny was awake at 5.30 but I did manage to stall them from getting up until just before 7 am.

3)  A successful event for the Food Bank last weekend.  We were collecting at our local big supermarket for food items for the Christmas hampers that are given out to our beneficiaries and local people were incredibly generous with donating food and also money - we raised over £700.  This was my first time helping out with this and I spent a couple of hours giving out leaflets to shoppers with details of the items we needed for the hampers on Sunday.

4)  Despite not doing too much last week I did manage to get my Christmas tree up and the house looking a bit more Christmassy - all the kids and Grandkids are coming for Christmas!

5) I managed a proper walk today - a lap of the lake - the first time in over 2 weeks.  It was nice to be able to just sit and read or knit when I wasn't feeling great but not getting out for a walk didn't improve my mood very much.  I do enjoy putting my AirPods in, turning on some music, and getting out in the fresh air.  I did need my hat, warmest coat and wellies today and it was very overcast but I was still pleased to have got out again.

This weekend should be a bit quieter so I'll be able to plan what I still need to do for Christmas over the next week.

Have a good weekend all.


  1. Wendy, I am so glad you are feeling better and got out for a walk!! Christmas is coming quickly!! Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday time and many blessings in the year ahead!!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better and could get out in the fresh air and get some walking in!

  3. Hi Wendy. So glad that you are feeling better and had a productive week getting ready for Christmas. A walk in the fresh air is always good for body, mind and soul. Have a great weekend and a wonderful, memorable Christmas with your family! See you again soon.

  4. You were back on your feet with a bang looking after the grandchildren plus getting the house ready for Christmas.

  5. You will have the house full on Christmas ! Sorry to hear that you were sick, around me (not in the home) lot of people are sick to, cold or flu or Covid, it's all the same treatment, so they said on TV not to worry anymore about Covid as it is the same. I will be alone on Christmas, Dario plus annex will be with his MIL in Holland it's not a big thing Christmas, it's more on the 6th December Saint Niklaas. I don't care Rick is gone, I will be here and celebrate with the others in our "castle". Dario will come after New Year, because they will go on holidays in between.

  6. How fun to have your grandchildren over for the night. I always love when I get mine here. I have three and it makes for a very busy weekend. I'm always tired when they go home and marvel at how I did it back then and how my daughter does it now. It's so fun to have the Christmas tree up when children are around. The best!

  7. I'm sorry you've been sick--but I am glad you're feeling better. It's good you got to get outside this week. How fun to have all the grandkids over for Christmas! We've had a lot of sickness around here but we're so hoping all of us stay well as my oldest comes in from out-of-state this week. I'm glad the food bank event went well.

  8. I am glad you are feeling better now. You did have a busy week, so you needed to be ready for it.
    You're going to have a bit of wonderful chaos over Christmas. I can imagine that it will be so much fun.
    So good that you got your lake walk in this week. I've been missing my walks so I know how much you love yours.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Glad you are feeling better! The walk around the lake sounds so nice. It also sounds like a full, busy week for you, but all good stuff!

  10. I agree, getting out for a good walk always helps the mood. :-)
    Enjoy your Christmas with family and friends.
    Love, Carla

  11. Glad you are feeling better. Fun to have your grandkids for the weekend. That is wonderful that the food bank fundraiser raised a good amount.


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