Thursday 12 December 2019

Decision Day (or maybe not!)

Yep I've been AWOL again.  I've had 3 back to back days looking after Rory.  Poor thing has had a rotten cold and cough so no nursery for him.  He had conjunctivitus last week so Mummy and Daddy had already taken time off work so I stepped in this week and did an extra day.  He's gone to nursery today.  Hopefully he'll be ok.  He was a lot better yesterday in himself but still very runny nosed and dribbly.  He's just cut his canine teeth though so not that surprising.

Anyway I was thinking of just having a duvet day today.  Catching up on here, reading your blogs and just generally recharging my batteries.  BUT, I will have to get myself out at some point to VOTE.

Yes election day is finally here in the UK.  I think we're all sick of hearing about it and just want it DONE.  Although as to what the outcome will be - watch this space.  It's really hard to predict, although that's still happening.  It has been a very dirty battle with lots of smear tactics employed. 

There have been a number of live debates on TV plus various interviews but I must admit I haven't watched a lot of it.  I think we may well end up with a hung parliament, i.e. no party with an overall majority.  Then it will be a case of negotiating who will do deals with who to get some sort of Government in place and goodness knows how long that will take.

Or we could just be back to a Conservative Government.  Heaven help us!

My own local area has been Labour forever (not factually checked that but it's certainly feels like it) so if I didn't drag myself out of bed to go and vote it probably wouldn't make a great deal of difference but that's not the point!  Women went through horrendous ordeals to get the vote for women in this country and to not exercise your vote is just not acceptable.  Especially if you then want to have a say in the debate.  If we all opted for the "my vote won't make a difference" stance we would be a hell of a mess.  Personally I think it should be compulsory to vote as it is in some countries.  

I'd also like it to be able to be done online and for all those out there who claim that it could be subject to hacking, tampering etc are you really sure that paper ballots are that much more secure?

Right enough of the soap box for now.  Time I got my act in gear.  One of our local bars is holding an all night session for people to watch the results as they come in.  Personally I think I'll have an early night and try not to have nightmares about what I might wake up to tomorrow!


  1. Good luck on the voting. It (Brexit) is not much of a hot topic here in America, we do get bits and pieces of it, though. I honestly believe (from what scholars and the MSM are stating) your vote is being overlooked by the parliament. Scary thought, but there it is. I also think voting is a privilege that many people do not use wisely or not at all. smiles

    Poor Rory, I hope he gets to feeling better, smiles.

    1. Thanks Linda, Rory is doing better and back at nursery.

  2. I have just been out in the pouring rain to vote. Like you I'm not sure it will make a difference but that's not the point. I am priviledged to have the vote so i am determined to use it. All i ask is that it isn't a hung parliament.

  3. Yes, voting is so important, although it feels like sometimes your personal vote doesn't matter. There are many of us in the US who are not happy with the outcome of our last election but we have to keep going. \

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. Well my personal vote didn't count for much yesterday.

  4. Your politics sound very much like ours. Joe and I always vote by mail!!

  5. I actually enjoy elections (even if they don't turn out the way I want) because it is democracy at work - hopefully! Voting is very important! When the turn outs in the US are low, I just hate it. It means that people are really not very engaged in who is governing them. Dangerous. 2020 will be a big election for us in the US - I am so hoping that Trump get voted out. ANYONE would be better.


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