Tuesday, 8 January 2013

9 sleeps and ginger cats!

Only 9 sleeps until my youngest is home!  Yep I'm counting down,  This is one countdown I can cope with.  Someone (who shall be nameless but is a relative of mine and yes she will know I mean her ;) mentioned how long it was until next Christmas in a recent blog!  Not going there yet.  But 9 sleeps I can cope with.  I can even cope with the no of weeks until 2 people I know are about to give birth.  (about 10 and 12 weeks respectively.)

But the best countdown at the moment (excluding the 9 sleeps - got that one remembered yet?) is it's only 5 weeks 3 days to the next holiday.  And after that one it's only about 4 weeks until the next one.

Enough of wishing my life away.

Work anecdote for the day:  What do you do when you come down from your weekend home and forget to bring your work shoes with you?  You pop out and buy a new pair.  And try not to make a habit of it!

Message to self:  Don't let the nice friendly ginger cat follow you into the house when your own 2 cats are waiting.  This happened tonight - it greeted me as I got out of my car and followed me up our front path. I thought I had shooed it away but I was distracted by trying to sort out the 3 keys needed to get into the house and it sneaked past me.  My two cats both tried to pounce on it and it ran up the first flight of stairs.  It made to go further up but thought better of it and dashed back out the front door.  I felt awful because it was a friendly cat but now it's probably traumatised!  I just hope it found its way home ok although I have no idea who it belongs to.


  1. Who me? I like your half term count down, that seems liveable with.

  2. I like the way you count down, I know your holidays are different to ours but I'm counting every day until the next lot of school holidays. In exactly 11 weeks it will be the end of term and the end of my working life..... I retire on 31 March... can't wait :-)) this is one count down I'm really enjoying


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