Saturday 5 January 2013

Catching the de-cluttering bug!

The de-cluttering bug is catching!  I've done loads during this holiday and today I managed to go through my wardrobe.  I was quite ruthless taking out anything I hadn't worn in the last year or so.  I even found a couple of things that I'd never worn!  But having decided I wasn't likely to wear them they were added to the outgoing pile as well.  Now I need to make a shopping list and do some retail therapy!

While I was busy doing this I could hear lots of movement in Matt's room as well as wardrobe doors opening and closing.  When I went down to investigate I found there were piles of clothes all around his room, including every bit of his bed.  He had been very organised and had made pile of each thing e.g socks, underpants, shorts, t-shirts etc.  He had emptied out his entire wardrobe/drawers etc.  The next step to the plan was to assess each type of clothing and throw out what he no longer wears, fits etc.

At the time of writing there are several black bags outside his room to get rid of but I'm not sure how much has found its way back into the wardrobes.  Hopefully he will be able to get in his bed tonight.

Rebecca has also been working in her room so this bug is definitely catching!

Tomorrow I need to get the Christmas stuff down and put away and load the charity stuff into the car.  There also needs to be an overall tidy so that I'm ready for work on Monday.  Did I just mention the w word? Help!


  1. It's going well then. Have a bit of a rest tomorrow before going back into the frey.

  2. I am not going through my closet. Not at this point anyhow. I'd like to get back on track and lose enough that the closet doesn't need a going through. I did take down the tree. I sorted the decorations into crates to go into the basement. I have more to do but these items stay upstairs in hiding places. It does feel encouraging with the tree gone that spring might not be that far off!


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