Sunday 6 January 2013

Almost ready!

Well the christmas tree is down and the decorations boxed up.  Didn't make it to the loft today but they will soon.  Took lots of the clothes etc to the recyling bank today.  Our local Sainsbury's has a variety of bins including the usual glass and paper as well as plastics, batteries, light bulbs, small appliances and 2 large clothing/textile  bins that are provided by Oxfam.  I'm happy putting any old clothes in there because I know that if they don't think they could sell them in their shops they use them for things like insulation materials.  I lost count of how many bags I put in those bins today - Matthew has really had a good clear out!

He may be moving to Nottingham in the near future.  He is waiting for a formal grad scheme offer from the civil service - they spoke to him just before christmas and he is waiting for the letter.  Providing it all goes to plan he will be in Nottingham for the first year and then maybe in London after that.  As his girlfriend is near to Nottingham this is clearly an attractive prospect.  He's clearly been sorting out his clothes and his room with a possible move in mind.

So maybe I will only have all 3 back at home for a short while - only 10 days until Michael is home.

But tomorrow it's back to work!  My clothes are out ready and I dared to check my e-mails tonight.  The alarm is set, better get some sleep.


  1. Fingers crossed for Matthew. Hope you have a good start to the term.

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  3. We had everything down by Saturday.


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