Friday 4 January 2013

Ladies should lunch!

I have been a lady who lunched the last two days.  It could get to be a habit apart from the slight problem of going back to work on Monday.

I and a few friends had agreed to meet up for lunch before going back to work and although I knew we'd talked about Friday (i.e. today, 4th Jan)  I had it in my head that it was to be on the 3rd so when I got a text yesterday asking if I could make a certain location at 2pm I assumed that I was right about it being the 3rd.  I've come to the conclusion you should never make assumptions!  I duly arrived at the venue and rang the organiser to check if she was already inside only to discover my error.  Lunch was planned for today, 4th.  Well it was a bit her error as well as the text hadn't specified a date but because that had already been agreed she hadn't seen the need to include it.  Confused?  Yes so was I.

Having gone to the effort of getting up and out I decided not to waste the time and went shopping for a few things that I needed and to have lunch.  Nothing fancy, just a sandwich and cake in one of the department stores but it was nice to sit back and watch the world go by for a bit.

Today we did have our planned lunch in an hotel restaurant and that was also good.  Lots of chatter, catching up on our Christmas and New Year celebrations etc.

The break is nearly over but we have been fairly productive at home.  Well we've produced lots of paper recycling.  Nick had a clear out of the filing cabinet and there was a big pile of paper for shredding.  We're still working our way through the pile but our recycling bin was full when they came to empty it yesterday.  We've also sorted out a lot of stuff that we will take to a car boot sale when spring arrives. (I'm being optimistic here - be impressed.)  There is another pile of stuff by the front door that will go to the recycling centre at our local Sainsbury's at the weekend.  And then there is a pile of books for the local Oxfam shop.

Michael's room is almost habitable again and Matthew has caught the clearing out bug and has sorted out some stuff from his room.  Now I just need to convince Rebecca to go through her things and get more organised.

Less is sometimes more!


  1. Lunch out two days running sounds good. I got caught up in a similar confusion just before christmas and actually went to Coralies for sewing a whole week early! It is an hour on the bus just to get to Peterborough so it was a real mess up!

    Glad to hear that you have made progress with the big clear out.

  2. I always enjoy it when someone invites me to meet for lunch. We just need that time once in awhile to refocus.

    The blog looks lovely!


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