Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge

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1. 'Slow and steady wins the race'...tell us about a time this was true in your own life. 
I find as I’ve got older that I try and pace myself more.  I can’t keep going the same way I used to so if I’m working on a project at home or just trying to get chores done I make sure I take breaks.
2. 'As slow as molasses'...Do you like molasses? How about maple syrup? Caramel? Butterscotch? What's your favourite of the slow moving treats mentioned here, and what's your favourite food made with that sweet treat?  
Not a molasses fan but I like the other 3.  Caramel would be my favourite and I love banoffee pie made with caramel sauce.
3. Your favourite slow song? 
Impossible to pick just one but I’m definitely a fan of Lionel Richie when it comes to slow songs.
4. Your favourite thing to make in a slow cooker or crock pot? 
A tasty coq au vin.
5. 'You may delay, but time will not.' ~Benjamin Franklin Are you more a hurrier or a delayer when it comes to unpleasant tasks that need doing? What are you currently either delaying or hurrying to get through this week or month?
Well I’ve spoken many times about how good I am at procrastinating but I’ve started decorating our second spare bedroom and although I’m not hurrying I’m moving in the right direction.
6. Tell us three things you encounter regularly or even just occasionally that you find to be annoyingly slow.
Checkout queues in the supermarket.  The internet at times.  Service in restaurants.  But since I’ve been at home and have more time I find waiting less annoying than I used to.
7. March is National Craft Month. Are you crafty? Tell us about something crafty you'll try in the next thirty one days. Or something crafty you'd like to try or wish you had the skill to make happen. 
I like to think I’m crafty.  I’m currently working on a knitting project.  I hope that once I’ve got the spare room decorated I’ll be able to do more sewing as I’m going to move my sewing machine into there.  It’s currently getting more use as a table in our bedroom.
8. Insert your own random thought here. 
I’d already deleted a few games such as Candy Crush from my iPad but today I deleted all the other time wasting games.  That’s Lent sorted out hopefully.  When time is your own it’s very easy to fritter it away.

Thanks to all those who offered to pray for my brother.  No update yet but your support is appreciated.


  1. Lionel Richie is the best! Way to go on knitting. I need to be creative again. The computer sucks up all my time. Way to go on deleting your games.

  2. Coq au vin is a fave of mine too. I think I might join in the A-Z again tis year, but I'm not sure about a theme. will sit nom it for a few days.

    1. wow.. fat-finger typos aplenty there! Sorry Wendy.

  3. banoffee pie made with caramel sauce -- I'm going to google it! I'm not familiar with this pie but anything with caramel sauce has to be good!

  4. I think you are so right about having more patience when you don't have the pressures of work hanging over you. Hoping there will be some more positive news about your brother soon.

  5. I didn't know the word crafty and my dictionary told me that it was to have something right away, but I see that everybody talks about knitting or sewing etc. Anyway that's nothing for me neither !

  6. Yes to Lionel!! I am giving up writing on Facebook for Lent! It will be a challenge. I have a hard time keeping my thoughts to myself. It will force me to be good!!

  7. Ooo, now I want to try banoffee pie ;-)

  8. I can't even begin to count how many hours I wasted on those games before I deleted them!


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