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Wednesday Hodgepodge 10/8/16

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1. Are you watching the Olympics? Your favorite summer Olympic event? I read recently a list of the most iconic Olympic moments in history...what stands out in your mind as a great moment from some past summer Olympic games?
Definitely watching the Olympics.  I love watching things like gymnastics, athletics and anything where GB has a medal chance.  Some of the great moments that stick in my mind are things like Steve Redgrave winning his fifth gold medal in 5 successive Olympics, and of course people like Jessica Ennis-Hill and Usain Bolt who were so memorable from the London games.
2. Have you ever been to Rio? How about the place that started it all-Greece? Have you ever been to any of the Olympic Games in person? Is that something you'd like to do? Have you ever met an Olympian in person? 
I haven’t been to Rio or Greece and although we didn’t go to any of the actual venues at London 2012 we did spend time in the Olympic park and watched the games on the big screens there.  I’ve met Tessa Sanderson and Christine Ohuruogu very briefly.  Tessa was an organiser of a local park run that family members took part in and Christine visited the school to show the pupils her medal and talk about being an Olympian.
3. The ball's in their court (tennis), cross the finish line (track and field), on target (archery), make a splash (diving), on a roll (gymnastics), out of one's depth (swimming)...which Olympic-related idiom best applies to your life right now? Explain.
On a roll – I’ve been following a Couch to 5K app.  I’m only on week 2 but so far I’m on track.

4. What have you earned a 'gold medal' in recently?
5. What is it (or who is it) that motivates you to eat right, exercise, and do what you can to be healthy?
Well I’m pretty much self-motivated but hubby has been joining me on my C2 5K runs and that’s been a great help.  Also since our son and his wife moved in I’ve tried to make sure meals are healthy whenever possible.
6. Are you young at heart or an old soul? Explain. 
I think I’m an old soul.  I’m usually the sensible/reliable member of a group.
7. It's National S'mores Day (August 10th)...are you a fan? Will you celebrate with a s'more today?
Umm hello?  This is the UK.  S’mores?  Seriously, I’m sure if I looked hard enough I would be able to obtain them but personally I don’t think they would be worth the bother.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
3 days to the wedding!  Excited!  (My son gets married on Saturday.)


  1. I hope you post photos of your sons wedding, smiles. Have you ever had a S'more? One has to have Hershey candy bars, graham crackers and marshmellows...oohhhhhhy goodness, honest. smiles.

    1. No I haven't but I'm not a great fan of marshmallow :(

  2. I love S'mores. We usually do them at least once a summer. I can't wait to hear about the wedding too! Is that the son who has moved in with you??

    1. No it's the eldest son - he lives in Nottingham. The younger son got married 2 years ago and he and his wife are currently with us.

  3. Wow-so excited for you! Enjoy the big day and I'll look forward to seeing some pictures : )

  4. Oh fun a wedding soon...very soon! Ha, cracking up about your smores answer. That 5k app sounds interesting. Glad you have some support. Have a most joyous wedding on Saturday!

  5. I hope you will share photos from the wedding next week! I'm sure it will be lovely. Wendy, I enjoyed your Hodgepodge today and am still praying for little Poppy!

    1. Thanks Terri, Poppy is doing well and will definitely post pictures.

  6. Congratulations and best wishes on the upcoming wedding! Post pictures please, I'm a sucker for a good wedding celebration!
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA USA


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