Monday 29 October 2012

Big update!

So my shoulder is frozen and I'm sitting here with ice on it!  Finally got my physio appointment today so now I'm icing the affected shoulder, exercising to keep the limited movement I've got and using heat on the neck muscles that are tense because the shoulder is stiff.  Will see how it goes.

This week is half-term so am catching up on a lot of stuff.  Went to the physio today and then went to the foot clinic to check up on my appointment - they cancelled the one I had on 5th and said they would send me a new appointment by post.  Well good job I checked - my appointment is booked for this Friday but I've had no letter!

So I have that on Friday, an eye test on Thursday and also trying to fit in a dentist check up.  I just hope by the weekend I haven't been totally diagnosed as falling apart!

We also went to IKEA today to get the additional units for the kitchen - the builder is going to start next Monday.  That's a week later than planned but it's actually good because we still have lots of clearing out to do.  We also ordered tiles for the floor today so we are making some progress.

This last month has been quite hard.  Work has been really stressful mainly because so much piled up earlier in the year when Mum died and I've never really caught up.  It reached a point where things came to a head recently and hopefully things will get better now.  I was certainly not in a good place before that, hence the lack of blogging.  I am the world's worst at asking for help but I ended up having to shout for it.  It was either that or a nervous breakdown.  But fortunately my boss and the deputy were very good about it and help will be sorted.

I'm keeping an eye on hurricane Sandy at the moment.  My youngest in Burlington Vermont.  He seems to be attracting hurricanes this year - he was in New Orleans when Isaac hit earlier this year.  Hopefully it won't be too bad when it reaches where he is and I hope that it doesn't do too much damage on the east coast.  Our weather isn't great at times but at least we don't get those sort of extreme situations.

Right I've had enough of the ice, it's time to get the hot water bottle now.  Hopefully normal blogging service will be resumed soon.


  1. Was this the son who also got snowed in when he was in New York several years ago?

    If so he seems to attract bad flying weather wherever he goes!

    Must read back in your blog. I've obviously lost track and missed something. What happened to your shoulder?

  2. Vermont got very little in the way of rain, we are hearing. Just like a bad windstorm.

    I hope your shoulder gets better.

  3. you have my sympathy, frozen shoulder not good, I've had one of those, have you tried heat packs?? for me it seeme dto work better than ice packs.


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