Thursday, 27 September 2012

Still here!

It must be bad when someone asks if you’re ok in blogworld.  And then you check when you last blogged and it’s a looooong time!

I am just so busy at work at the moment.  One day seems to be just merging into the next one until suddenly it’s Friday and the weekend.  And weekends seem to fly by.  We had a quiz night a couple of Saturdays ago and last week was Nick’s nephew’s wedding.  It was lovely.  We were so lucky with the weather – it was a beautiful sunny day if a little chilly and the bride looked beautiful and the day was just great.  Tomorrow we’re off to Wales for my niece’s wedding on Saturday.  I’m leaving work early so hopefully we will get ahead of the traffic – and hopefully the weather will be kind to us again.  We’ve booked a B & B for Friday and Saturday night so it will be a nice break.

So lots of good things going on but there are some down sides.  My shoulder is worse and my physio appointment is not until the end of October.  I could arrange to go privately but I’m just putting up with it for now but dressing can be a bit challenging some days – I try to be smart for work but some dresses for example I need Nick there to be able to zip me up!  I nearly had to change my wardrobe plans the other day because he nearly left before I was dressed.

I have also finally got an appointment for my foot to be checked out – that’s next Friday.  So maybe eventually things might improve although I’m concerned that they might suggest a surgical remedy.

On a different track we’re finally moving forward with work in the kitchen.  When we refitted the kitchen a few years ago we never really finished it – the floor was never done and now it looks awful.  The ceiling also has developed cracks.  Hopefully that can be boarded over as it’s lathe and plaster so if it has to come down it will be really messy!  Anyway the ceiling and the floor will be done which means moving everything out of the kitchen.  So then I got to thinking about maybe fitting in some more units, building in the fridge, changing the dining furniture.  I’d got a fairly good idea of what I wanted and then I asked my sister-in-law to give me her advice.  She’s really good at home décor – her kitchen is lovely.  So she came and looked and made totally different suggestions.  So then last night we went to IKEA for more inspiration (my original units are from there).

So the next thing to do is to move the furniture around and relocate the fridge to see if it works before committing to anything.  Hopefully I’ll have made my mind up by the time the builder is ready at the end of October.  But now I'm off to bed after another long day.  Will have to remember the camera this weekend and take some pics of the bride.  Maybe take some before pics of the kitchen as well!

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  1. Nice to know you are Ok and the only problem is , lack of time. And I know how that feels. Hope the foot is Ok :-))


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