Saturday, 6 May 2017

Friday's Fave Five 5/5/17

Well I'm ahead of myself here as Suzanne hasn't yet posted the linked post but here's the link to her site.  Living to Tell the Story

I have so many things to be thankful for this week so here goes:

1) A big house, well it's not that big a house but last weekend it managed to house hubby and me, both my sons and their wives, the Aunt and Uncle of my American DIL and 2 greyhounds!  It was a bit cramped but we managed.

2) A hubby that likes cooking.  He did a lot of the catering for our visitors.

3)  My grandson making progress.  He is 5 weeks old today so still 6 weeks early but he continues to do well.  He has progressed from this:
to this:
He's still tiny of course but he's gaining weight really well and just beginning to show signs of working out that his Mummy can provide him directly with milk rather than taking it by tube.  Once he's got that worked out a little better they will be able to start planning on getting him home.

4)  Of course looking at how much progress Nathan has made I have to be thankful for all the wonderful staff at the hospital.  He has had the most amazing care.  And of course we are so thankful to have our National Health Service.

5)  After two busy weekends with visitors I'm thankful this will be a quiet weekend.  But it was nice to be busy because last weekend both my boys ran in a local half-marathon race and the weekend before the younger son ran the London Marathon for the 3rd time, raising money for the mental health charity MIND.  It's lovely when your kids make you feel proud and before my daughter starts complaining of favouritism I'm so proud of how she has coped with becoming a Mum so suddenly and how well she is doing with Nathan.  And of course I'm sure all of them would want to thank their spouses for their support too.

I am definitely blessed.

Have a good weekend all.


  1. Your little one is so precious. I am so thankful, too, for him and how he's growing!!

  2. Your precious grandson looks great and I am so happy he is progressing so well. You have been BUSY with company!! It's great having a houseful, but is also great when you get your house back.

  3. Your grandson is beautiful and I'm pleased to hear he is making such excellent progress. With an almost empty house it is wonderful that you can sit back and and enjoy those moments of pride from your rather exhausting week.

  4. Little Nathan is looking so cute. So glad to hear he is progressing well. We're about to have a parade of visitors in our teeny flat... really looking forward to seeing them all but am not looking forward to squeezing them into the shoebox.
    and OH how I wish my husband could cook. he calls take-away night his cooking night.

  5. Awww...thank you for providing an update on Nathan...he is indeed a Blessing, my friend. Have a beautiful upcoming week.


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