Tuesday, 18 July 2017

An update

So this is my latest fashion accessory!

Pretty isn't it and black goes with everything, right?

The good news is that my tendon is intact and although my knee is not great the immediate reaction to the scan report from my physio was to persevere with exercises and not  to try anything more invasive, yet.

The knee is now taped for support and I have more exercises to do.  The biggest problem I still have is going up and down stairs or kneeling and then getting up from a kneeling position.  Walking, thankfully, is fine.  But most of you will know, my house has a lot of stairs!  I think I will have to set myself up a reward system for completing the exercises.  Although my favoured rewards would probably be chocolate and one of the things I also need to do is lose some weight.  Not easy when your exercising ability is limited.

I'm not looking forward to changing the tape, although one online recommendation was to soak it in baby oil first.  Any other suggestions would be welcome.


  1. It is very fetching! Good to hear you might get away without surgery. Good luck with the exercises.

  2. Ouch. My knees are both shot. I've not tried tape. It does look quite fashionable!!

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry about this. Prayers for a complete recovery process.

  4. Looking only at the picture I wondered if I had missed something in the new fashion ! It even looked a bit sexy ! When I read what it was I had to laugh. Poor you, but at least it helps. Steps are terrible when you have something at your legs ! We only have steps leading to the basement and garage all the rest is on one level ! My son has 4 floors and I am exhausted when we go home. Once I even slipped and fell. Nothing serious fortunately. In Holland there is no space so they build the houses very narrow and high.


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