Saturday 29 July 2017

Review: Before the Fall

Before the Fall Before the Fall by Noah Hawley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the middle of the night a private jet crashes into the sea near Martha's Vineyard off the North East coast of the USA. Of the 11 passengers on board, only 2 survive. The 4 year old son of the wealthy TV mogul who chartered the plane and Scott Burroughs, an artist who had been offered a lift back to New York by the boy's mother.

At first Scott is hailed as a hero for saving the boy's life but as the investigation into how the crash happened gets underway questions start to be asked. Who is Scott Burroughs? Why was he on the plane?

Character by character we are given background on who the people on board were, including the cabin crew and gradually we are led to the conclusion of the book and why the plane crashed.

I enjoyed the book. It was easy to read and it's as much about the lives of the characters as the event that left so many of them dead. It's also as much about why dunnit as who dunnit?

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  1. This sounds good! Thanks for the review Wendy!

  2. I read this recently and I too enjoyed it! Good review


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