Friday, 14 July 2017

Friday's Fave Five 14/7/17

AWOL again last week so trying to get this done early today.  Fridays are a time to look back on the week and share our blessings.
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Here are mine for the week: 

1) Lovely in-laws!  I've always been made to feel part of Hubby's family and I've spend quite a bit of time with my various sister-in-laws and extended families this week. 

2)  Good weather.  Of course it's summer so hopefully the weather should be good but last Saturday was the annual Garden Party at our social club.  Over 200 people attended and yes we were able to sit in the garden.  The weather wasn't as good as it had been earlier this month but it that was actually a good thing as there is little shade in the garden.  If it had rained it would have been a disaster as it would have been hard to accommodate everyone inside and prepare and serve a 3 course meal.  It was a busy day as some of our family members are the main planners and organisers of the event so lots of us get roped in to help on the day.  Thankfully they had paid help to do the washing up!

3) Catching up with old friends.  One of our friends has just become Mayor of her town and last Sunday we attended a church service and reception in her honour.  We hadn't seen her or her husband for a while so it was good to catch up, especially for a quiet chat back at their house after the celebrations were over.

4)  Time with Nathan.  I managed to see him last Friday and on Tuesday this week.  He is becoming more alert and is now heavy enough to sit in his little bouncy chair.  (Although I'm not sure he's quite big enough lol)

5)  Making time for the things I enjoy - I've done more reading this week than in recent weeks and I'm making progress on the edging for Nathan's blanket.  I've also spent time in the garden - I'm trying to cultivate herbs, and the bees love my lavender.  I'm also hoping to get some home grown tomatoes.

  Have a good weekend all.


  1. Love the photos of your garden. Have you ever made lavender wands? That is is on my someday list. Home grown tomatoes are yummmmm.

    How great to spend time with your grandson this week. I think (almost) nothing beats being a grandparent. Homemade gifts are so special. I bet the blanket will be well loved and well received.

    So glad your garden party turned out. 200 people is a lot to cater for. Great idea on getting others to do the cleaning up. It is worth spending that money, imho.

    Have a great week.

  2. It's great you get along so well with your in-laws and are close enough to do things together. I'm so glad the garden party went well and didn't get rained on. What a nice time with your friend and with Nathan. Glad you got some extra reading time in this week!

  3. Hi, Wendy, what a lovely week you've enjoyed.. I've never been to a Garden Party. That sounds amazing. Your flowers are gorgeous. It is so dry and hot here it is hard to keep them adequately hydrated. Have a great weekend.

  4. I like your garden. Wow, you do well growing lavender. Lavender and I just have not figured each other out as of yet. ;-)
    I am happy your days are going well. That is GOOD GOOD news.
    Love, Carla

  5. Oh how I wish I'd had lovely in-laws. Mine have always been the stuff of bad jokes. Peter married young and divorced after 5 years. Then met me. We have been together 31 years and my mother-in-law still calls me Joanne.
    And I'd love a garden. We are going to move to a flat with a balcony next year so I can at least have pots. I miss my veggie garden and herb garden. Yours looks so bright and happy.

  6. Love your garden photos. Nathan is so beautiful! It's nice you can see him often and watch him grow. I've been blessed with wonderful in-laws, too. They are a great family.

  7. The lavender is lovely! I'm so happy Nathan is making such good progress! Having good in-laws makes life so much happier! They are a blessing indeed!

  8. You had a nice week ! One of my son's friend was a case like Nathan, at 20 he weight 90 kg and became a big boy ! Now he is 44 and I suspect him to weight over 100 ! See, being tiny in the beginning means nothing, lol !


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