Sunday, 29 September 2019

I had a holiday!

For once I have a good reason for being missing - I've been away to Kos one of the Greek Dodecanese islands in the Aegean sea and it was wonderful.  I went with 3 of my cousins.  No husbands, no children, no grandchildren. Just lots of sunshine, blue skies and it was hot!  (But bearable!)

We stayed in Tigaki in an aparment complex that is family run and quite small but very friendly.  My cousins went last year and when they planned a return visit this year I was determined to join them.  We don't see much of each other these days but as children we often went away on family holidays together so it was great to spend quality time together again.

And I took pictures! 

This is the pool area:

A typical small church.  I love the blue and white colours.

A nearby salt lake.  It was really weird walking here - nearly lost my shoes!

I took this shot on our way out one evening.  There are lots of buildings on the island where work has started and then for whatever reason has just stopped.  This one has been taken over by some goats and it just seemed a perfect photo opportunity.

On one of the days we went up into the mountains to a village called Zia and we enjoyed a break at a very colourful cafe.

Zia is billed as the place to go for a sunset dinner so we found ourselves a restaurant where we had a table with a lovely view of the sunset.  Unfortunately this was the one evening when the sky was not as clear so the sunset wasn't quite so spectacular.  But we had a nice meal and travelling up and down by taxi was probably less scary than by coach - the roads are very narrow, not always in a great condition.

We ate out every night and had some lovely food but of course you know how I love my desserts, especially if there is chocolate involved.

There was a lovely beach nearby but we mostly relaxed by the pool.

The apartment complex:

More food

Our last evening we had a barbecue meal at the apartments followed by some traditional greek dancing,
The four of us, Pat, me, Julie and Jill.

We laughed so much and of course there were plenty of cocktails to try but I stuck to wine or martini as I'm not really a spirit drinker.

Of course all good things come to an end and now I'm home!  A week is not enough.  Although of course we all have commitments so getting away for longer would take a bit more organisation.  

I've had a lazy week since I've been back.  I didn't actually feel very well for the first few days but I'm ok now and I've had a catch up with Grandsons Nathan and Rory.  

Tomorrow things will really get back to normal as I will be Grandsitting Rory as usual for a Monday.

Hopefully normal service on the blog will resume too.


  1. What a wonderful holiday you had! A cousin trip would be so much fun! You are blessed to be able to do that!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I remember we had a great holiday in Kos many moons ago - your photos took me back! Looks juts as good nowadays!

  3. Oh my, what a wonderful trip. I am glad you were able to getaway for a getaway. :-)


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