Friday, 15 October 2021

Friday's Fave Five - 15/10/21

Yes it's me!  I'm here after several weeks' absence.  Although I've been in a bit of a mental fog the past few weeks I do still have lots to be grateful for so I was determined to join Susanne and other blogging friends over at Living to tell the Story today.

1)  Nice weather.  It's definitely been chillier recently - the heating is on in the mornings and evenings - but this week we've had dry days and some sunshine.  Perfect weather for enjoying the changes to the trees now that autumn is here and checking on the cygnets at the lake who are almost swans now.

Ella wasn't overly impressed lol.

2)  A new roof on the downstairs extension.  Our dining room, part of the kitchen and the utility area of our house are an extension to the original house and have a flat roof.  When we moved here we knew one of our urgent jobs was to replace the roofing material and we finally got that done this week.  (Grateful again for the good weather so that the works could go ahead and not need rescheduling.)

3)  I got my flu jab this week and today I've had the invitation to book my Covid booster.

4)  A night away.  One of our presents last Christmas from our youngest son and his wife was a voucher for a night away, including dinner and breakfast at a pub with rooms that we had stayed at years ago.  The pub used to be owned by the parents of the chef Jamie Oliver and although it has now changed hands it was still very much the same.

Set in a village in Essex it's a peaceful setting and it was lovely to get away and feel like we were doing something normal again.  For dinner I had mushrooms in cream on focaccia bread, followed by lamb shank with new potatoes and veg and then hubby and I shared a sticky toffee pudding dessert.  I'm not used to eating 3 courses though so I was very full!

5)  Books and bits for the grandchildren.

After a lovely full English breakfast at the pub we drove to Saffron Walden, an old market town and had a good mooch around the shops, many of which were charity shops.  I nabbed some books for me and some cars and puzzles for the grandkids.  I also got myself an umbrella as mine collapsed on me recently.  I also had to buy a couple of folding bags to carry it all in as Hubby bought a few bits too.

We stopped for tea and cake (too full from breakfast for lunch) and then we headed home taking the country route rather than the motorway.

Although it was short it was a lovely break.  

Now I'm looking forward to a lazy weekend and then preparing for guests next week.  Our American DIL's parents are coming for a visit and they will be staying with us.

Hopefully I'll have time to visit some blogs and catch up with news as I'm also thankful for the lovely comments I got on my last post.

Have a good weekend all.


  1. baby Ella DOES look less than thrilled at your jaunt to the park. she's a cutie though!!

    How fun to have a little retreat with your husband......when the British say "tea and Cake" do you all mean real cake?? as in cake with frosting?? or is it another word for dessert like your word "chips' means "fries" here in the States. I've always wondered that and I gues I could google it but it's cool to have a blogging friend who actually LIVES in England. One day I do sooooo want to get to London!

  2. Ella is so cute all bundled up. She does look a little pensive. I am happy for you that you got away for a nice little vacation!! Nice hotel, good food, and fun shopping! Sounds wonderful! I am so glad to be reading your posts again!! xo

  3. Oh how wonderful to have your American in-laws come to visit! Have a wonderful time and awe them with all the English beauty and history!
    That getaway sounds absolutely perfect. Love the pub!
    I'm glad you have had good weather for getting out and enjoying the park. I hope it continues to be good weather for you.
    Happy week ahead!

  4. That get-away sounds ideal in every way. I know it must feel great to have the roof done and not have to think about it for a while.

  5. That was a nice idea of your son TO offer you à weekend ! My week was rather dull I think my mental health has some holes like à Swiss cheese !

  6. That was so nice of your son. That will be fun to have guests.
    Enjoy your family time.
    Love, Carla

  7. Looks like a lovely place to getaway! And looks like you got some great reads. How fun! Fall is looking nice out your way and yay for getting that roof done. That is always a big job.


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