Saturday 11 December 2021

Friday's Fave Five - 10/12/21

Well it's Friday oops Saturday so I'm a day late joining in with Susanne and friends over at Living to Tell the Story looking back on the week and finding 5 things to be grateful for.  Yesterday was quite a busy day because:

1)  My daughter and her family have bought a house!  This has been such a long time coming and not without it's ups and downs but they finally completed the purchase yesterday and can now look forward to settling in after Christmas and making it their home.   

2)  The power of antibiotics!  Poor Grandson Vinny developed impetigo last weekend but thanks to the antibiotics and cream prescribed by Thursday he was able to go back to nursery. It's been a tough few weeks for him and I've helped out where I could but his parents have had to take time off from work too which is not easy for either of them - Mum is a teacher and Dad has just started a new job.  We're all hoping he stays well for a bit now.

3)  A new router from our internet/TV provider.  This should improve our broadband speed and I managed to connect it up quite easily today.  Re-setting the internet extenders we need in the house to ensure access in all areas was not quite so easy but I got there eventually.

4)  A catch up with some old friends last weekend.  

5)  Getting into the Christmas spirit.  I finally got our Christmas tree and some decorations up this week and tomorrow afternoon we will attend a carol concert that my DIL's choir are singing at.

It takes me a while to turn off all the lights at the end of the day!  And my nativity scene looks a bit muddled since Nathan has been here.  He likes moving the people and animals around!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend all.


  1. Your tree is very nice! I'm glad Vinny is on the mend! Congrats to the kids on their home purchase! Have a good Sunday, Wendy! xo

  2. Congratulations to your daughter and her family for the purchase of their home!
    Your Christmas decorations are beautiful! Love the nativity even if it is all moved around :)
    Happy Weekend!

  3. Your nativity scene reminds me of when my kids were little and would move the pieces of the nativity scene around. I love your tree - your house looks so festive. That is great that your daughter bought a house and can started in moving in. Good to hear that your grandson is feeling better. It is hard for parents of little ones to take time off work when the children are sick. Been there - done that. It's always nice to have the internet working as it should, so I am glad you got a new provider. Sounds like an overall good week for you. Great to hear. See you again soon! Have a nice weekend. :-)

  4. I love your Christmas tree ! I haven't done anything yet. Today my son and I will try to found a solution to celebrate Christmas together ! Your daughter is certainly very happy to have finally found a house ! It's always a problem when you work and the kids are sick ! Especially when no helping grandma is around, my mother lived around the corner but she never took Dario whan he was a baby or toddler !

  5. Your house looks beautiful all decorated for the season. I’m glad your grandson is feeling better. I work with toddlers and they seem to catching all kinds of things this year.

  6. Lovely tree and decor. It does bring a festive mood! Congrats to your daughter and her family! That is big news! Glad Vinny is feeling better after getting the right meds.

  7. Very pretty tree. Congrats to your daughter on the new house.

    Janet’s Smiles

  8. I love all the twinkle lights.

    Hoping Vinny stays well.. that is always difficult to have a little one not feeling well.
    xx oo

  9. Your house looks so pretty, all decorated! My granddaughter likes to rearrange our Nativity set, too. I'm always curious to see what she comes up with. I've been out of the blogging loop of late, but just want to be sure to wish you a Merry Christmas!


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