Friday 13 May 2022

Friday’s Fave Five - 13/5/22

Composing this on my phone and racing against the click for it to get posted before midnight! Currently babysitting Nathan and Ella - see #2 below.

Anyway it's Friday so time to link up with Susanne and other grateful bloggers here.  These are my 5 for this week:

1) the weather was nice for our yard sale- warm and sunny. We didn't get rid of lots of stuff but it has focussed us on things we need to deal with. Hopefully we'll be able to donate some things to charity.

2) my daughter. It's her birthday today. She is definitely a blessing to me.

3) following on from last week the door in the freezer is fixed but it seems that iron manufacturers don't want you to replace the flex at least not the brand we had. Getting in to the iron proved very difficult. So one problem solved but thankfully the iron has now been replaced 

4) a lovely albeit brief visit from hubby's sister and husband last weekend. This is the couple that live in France so visits had been limited during the pandemic and we hadn't seen them since last November 

5) a successful trip to a new to me retail park. I was able to get presents for grandsons Noah and Rory who will both turn 4 in the next couple of weeks, some glue for a jigsaw puzzle I want to frame and a new handbag.  I love it when things go to plan.

Have a good weekend all.


  1. Sounds like you had a good week. That is a cute picture of your daughter and grands. My oldest daughter's birthday was Wednesday and oldest grandson's day was yesterday. Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. The other day, a total stranger took the pains to guide me to the store I was hopelessly looking for.
    The weather has been gloomy because of the overcast conditions brought about by the effects of Cyclone Asani. But it's all clearing up now.
    -- Pradeep from Time and Tide

  3. Since I really DON'T enjoy shopping, I too would be thankful for a quick and easy shopping trip like you had.
    Sweet photo of your daughter and grandchildren. They keep us busy, don't they?
    Happy Birthday to Her!
    We had wonderful sunny weather this week, too, until today when we were hit with torrential rains, hail and lightning and thunder. Oh my. Now it is calm. Maybe this next week will be sunny again.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Sounds like a good week for you, Wendy.

  5. I missed your freezer story, but mine is being repaired tomorrow. We had to order a part. The door wouldn't stay closed. Of course I had company and had to empty the freezer for the repairman to figure out what was wrong. He managed to get it closed at least, we have just had to be careful to make sure it's completely shut every single time. It's always something with a house, isn't it? I'm glad you were able to see family.

  6. Happy birthday to your daughter. Nice that you were able to have a visit from your sis in law and her hubby. Yay for your successful shopping trip in a new retail area.

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Our son, Atticus has a May birthday. :-) May 18th.
    Happy New Week to you! :-)


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