Friday 27 May 2022

Friday's Fave Five - 27/5/22

Yes it's Friday again and this week I'm here on time to share my five blessings from this week and then link up with Susanne and other like minded bloggers.

Here we go:

1)  A Ladies Lunch that became a Ladies Supper this month.  It's been a while since the four of us (all former work colleagues) got together.  Sadly one of my friend's husband died in February so making arrangements to get together have been a little bit tricky.  But it was great to catch up.

2)  A visit to my brother and sister-in-law on Monday.  Again we haven't seen as much of each other thanks to the pandemic and various bouts of illness between us so it was lovely to catch up with them again over lunch.

3)  On Wednesday I joined a Knit & Natter group that meets locally.  I decided it was time I started making new friends in the area and this seemed a good way - you know how I love to waffle and I can also manage to knit and crochet.  The main group meets in a local church during the day on Wednesdays which of course is no good for me as I have Grandson Vinny on that day but the main organiser has tried to set up a spin off meeting on Wednesday evenings in the local pub.  There were only 5 people there including me but the others were very friendly so it was a nice way to pass an evening.  It's also only about once a month but I was pleased with myself for getting out and meeting new people.

4)  Last Sunday hubby and I enjoyed a lunch out at a place called the Melting Point.  Hubby has been there a few times either for a snack or lunch but I hadn't been.  Hubby was worried that I wouldn't enjoy the food - the owner is Turkish and lots of the dishes are tapas style but actually the menu is more extensive than he'd led me to believe and, although there were plainer things on the menu, we opted for a selection of tapas dishes, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed.  We'll be going again.

5)  Lots of social outings to be thankful for then but finally I'm thankful that, despite all the doom and gloom at the moment with the war in Ukraine and the economic crisis that so many of us are facing, our family all seem to be in a good place to weather the storm. 

Have a good weekend all.  I'm off to buy cake!

PS as an added bonus - I had a short day on Wednesday with Vinny - his nursery were having a pre-jubilee party so he was allowed to go to that in the afternoon.

Not sure he quite knew what to make of it all!


  1. That's a good idea to make new friends ! When my life is normal again (more or less) I'll will go to aqua gym again and also find another scrabble club or something. There are also conversation tables here in the Tennis club where people who want to learn a language chat together. There is one with the native language and the others have to do their best. I did it once, long time ago for German. That was really funny.

  2. I love that you're making new friends and doing one of your hobbies at the same time. Sounds like a wonderful week. Little Vinny is a cutie!!

  3. It is important to make new friends when you move. (ask me how I know) I'm glad you found that knitting group.
    I saw my brother this week, too! First time in three years. We do live about 2200 miles apart now.
    Vinny looks so cute, and a little confused.
    Happy Weekend!

  4. I am impressed that you went to an evening club. I must admit I rarely go out in the evenings unless it's with the family.

  5. So nice to hear you have found a way to meet new friends through a shared hobby. Sometimes it's hard to connect when one moves. And how fun that you were able to get together with former colleagues and your brother. The pandemic has made it hard but finally we're able to start pushing through that and seeing people more normally. The Melting Point sounds like it would be fun (and delicious) to eat at.

  6. Wow, a lot of good outings this month! It's been hard to keep up with old friends, much less new, since the pandemic. Vinnie is so cute.

  7. Oh my, I just love that Pre Jubilee event and photo. :-)
    I love the idea of the knitting group meeting in the pub. How fun for you all.
    I agree, even with all the bad going on, our family is in a good place too. Sam is deploying in September, but he is excited to serve his country, so I know he is in a good place.

  8. Thanks for visiting on the Road Trip I am struggling still to get around much as I am working 4 days a week again instead of 2. I did join a guerilla knitting group in Leeds once, though at the time I was only doing Tunisian crochet but I am on a lengthy project to knit a kimono in mohair. The knitting will take long enough, but then it will need lining and embroidering in gold...

    1. Andrew from How would you know...

  9. Sounds like you've had some wonderful quality time with family and friends this week. I love the idea of the "Knit & Natter" group.


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