Friday 10 March 2023

Friday's Fave Five - 10/3/23

Friday again!  Time is flying.
Time to take a breath and look back on the week for the good things.

1)  We spent time with Nathan and Ella on Saturday - but again not a successful babysit.  Their Mummies wanted to get out for a meal but we had the usual screaming from Ella when they left.  Eventually she calmed down and even started to look sleepy.  However when I tried to take her up and get her settled for the night she was not going to play ball.  The screaming started again.

Consequently when their Mummies got back, fortunately at the reasonable time of 10 pm, both children were still up watching TV.  I had managed to get Ella to sit with me and I'd hoped she'd drop off to sleep but nope, she was still wide awake!

Still it was nice to spend time with them and fortunately we had eaten before we arrived.

2)  Supper with my "Lunch" ladies on Monday evening.  Ana was our host and we switched to the evening as Catherine's sister Monique was over from Holland and it was her last evening before going home.  Ana had also invited her elderly neighbour Kate who as a former actress is quite a hoot and full of reminiscences.  It was an entertaining evening with good food too.

3)  My house is finally straight again after the decorating and visitors.  Everything is in its rightful place and the bedrooms are ready again for our next guests.

4)  Maisie is knitted!  She isn't stuffed or assembled yet but the extra yarn I ordered arrived and she now has 2 complete shoes.

5)  A walk today - we had a covering of snow on Wednesday which fortunately didn't stay but the weather has been miserable all week including this morning, then this afternoon it seemed to clear up a bit so I was determined to get out for some fresh air.

I did the lap around part of the golf course.

Good to see some spring blossom

The water level is much higher than usual in The Ching

And the bridge needs a repair!

The sun was trying to break through behind the clouds.

Bonus - I've managed quite a bit of reading this week thanks to the horrible weather.  I finally finished A Prayer for Owen Meany and a couple of crime thrillers.  Thanks to taking so long to get through Owen Meany I have some catching up to do for my Goodreads challenge!

Have a good weekend all.


  1. I was trying to figure out what the blessing was in a screaming toddler but then saw it was the time spent with the grands. hahahha......Hopefully she'll outgrow the screaming phase. WHen my youngest would scream, i set her on the deck in nice weather (yes, even in the evening) or the garage step leading to the kitchen in bad weather/cold weather. Told her there was NO screaming in the house but she could scream outside. Boy did that work! By about the 4th time she stopped the screaming (I would set a buzzer for each minute of how old she was.....this screaming phase was when she was a frustrated 4 yr old).

    LOVE that you had lunch with friends and time to knit and read.

    I hope you have a restful weekend!

  2. Even screaming toddlers grow up quickly, so I am glad that you get to spend a lot of time with your grandchildren. What a blessing they are! Your "lunch ladies" sound like a fun group. Glad you got a walk in, even though the weather was a challenge. Will look forward to a picture of that cute Masie, when she is stuffed and finished! Have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  3. That must be so frustrating when your granddaughter screams. Hopefully she'll get past that at some point. I have not babysat my grandson much, but I was afraid of his being unhappy when he was here without his parents when he was tiny. Thankfully he usually got along ok.

    Your dinner with friends sounds like so much fun.

    It's fun to decorate and have guests, but it's fun to get things back to normal again, too.

  4. Your friends dinner sounds like a lot of fun. I'm envious of the spring blossoms. Our trees are still as bare as can be. The weather has warmed a little, but mostly cloudy skies. Spring is really dragging its feet this year.

  5. Soon that screaming toddler will turn into an adorable five year old and you will wonder where the screamer went.
    Lunch turned dinner sounds like so much fun.
    Oh, I can't wait to see Maisie!
    I love your pictures of your walking path. Any time spent outside is a blessing.
    Have a good weekend!

  6. Nice that your kids could enjoy an evening while you did grandma duties. Mine are past that stage, 8-15. It is aways a new things, good and bad we love them! Your walk looks lovely! I am a city girl and I love nature. Once all our rain is over, I plan to take a walk at the park. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I enjoyed your post, Wendy! I know you love having the littles there and what a blessing for them, too! Your group sounds like a fun bunch! Wishing you a great weekend!!

  8. Oh goodness about Ella screaming, I know she will grow up so fast and you will get to laugh about it. ;-) I am excited to see Maisie.
    I enjoyed your photos. Thank you for sharing Spring with us.
    Love, Carla from the River

  9. I have had A Prayer for Owen Meany on my to read list forever. Is it any good? I'm sorry that the night of babysitting was difficult but hang in there before you know it that same little will be begging to go to Grandma's.


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