Monday 13 November 2023

I'm done with cooking! 13/11/23

This was the setting for our meal for Nick's siblings on Saturday - we emptied out the living room and used folding tables, our dining room chairs and the new folding chairs I'd ordered so we could seat everyone comfortably. 

The dining table was used for drinks and nibbles.

The menu consisted of:

Velvety chicken liver parfait (posh word for pate lol)

Followed by Fruity lamb tagine with couscous

Finished with Chocolate & coffee truffle pots accompanied with crisp orange shortbread.

Except I forgot to serve the biscuits with the dessert so we had them with tea and coffee afterwards.  

We also had cheese and biscuits ready but everyone was too full.

The pictures above are taken from the recipe book I used.  The only photo I took was this one of the empty dessert pots! (I didn't have enough coffee cups but the glass dishes saved from shop bought desserts worked just as well.)

It was worth all the hard work though as everyone seemed to enjoy their food and we had a lovely evening.  One sister and her husband stayed overnight but they left fairly early on Sunday morning so Sunday was a nice relaxing day of doing nothing once all the clearing up had been done.  So glad I have a dishwasher.

Today I've been busy finishing Maisie!

Just in time for Ella's birthday on Friday.

I had previously bought more wool to make another animal but I found assembling the body quite a challenge so I'll probably use the wool to make more clothes for Maisie.  Thankfully as Ella is our only granddaughter I can get away with that option.

I also managed a walk today as it was dry although very windy.  So a good weekend and a good start to the week.

Hope your week started well too.


  1. That was a mammoth feat. Well done. I thought you always gathered somewhere else so that the task of feeding so many was shared.

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  3. Everything sounds delicious. I love pate but I havent had it for about nine years... since leaving England. I must make a mental note for next time we visit.
    Maisie is adorable... Im sure Ella will love her
    Glad I found your blog..I look forward to reading it
    Phoebe x

  4. Great job! I'd be done with cooking too. We are having 8 here for Thanksgiving but my girls will help I think.

  5. Oooooo... you cook fancy stuff!! Wendy, that all looks and sounds delicious! I'm sure everyone enjoyed it. Thank goodness for dishwashers!! I love Maisie and Ella will too!! What fun! Let us know her reaction!! xo


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