Monday, 30 March 2015

Catch 22

Well I've managed to get to chapter four.  I'm not liking it so far. I will persevere.  It's number 11 on the BBC good read list but I'm up to nearly 40 books read from the 100. Some of them, of course, I'd already read, even in childhood or to my children as there are a few children's books on the list.  There are some I know I will struggle with.  For example I have started A Suitable Boy several times but have never managed to get very far with it. It is a huge tome of a book. There are others like that on the list, but I have no excuses now.  Time is available.

I have resigned from my job although I'm still signed off sick.  I will not be going back. It is not an amicable parting of ways and I am having to come to terms with that.  There is a big void to fill.  I may or may not look for something else. But not yet. Fortunately my hubby is very supportive.

Breakfast in bed keeps coming.  I wonder when he will decide that this doesn't provide the best motivation for getting me moving at a reasonable hour of the day or if I will decide to get up with him before that time comes.  

We had a good day yesterday.  Our youngest and his wife came for dinner and we had quite a good discussion around books and all our latest news.  After they'd gone, thanks to the clock changes, there was still enough daylight left to go for a quick walk. We managed nearly two miles but it was very windy.

Now I should get up.  That pesky Fly woman keeps telling me I should be up and dressed to shoes!  Yes some time ago I signed up to the Flylady website in the hope that it would keep me organised and motivated around the house.  No chance. All I do is mainly delete all the e-mails. And I don't wear shoes in the house.  Don't always wear slippers except when it's cold.  Although when I drop things on my feet, a frequent occurrence, I can see the sense in shoes.

But hey, just getting up and putting clothes on is an improvement.  On my way.....


  1. You sound like you are feeling much better - wonderful. And I am so glad you left that job. Sometimes it is the only way to get some peace. Now perhaps Nick could talk to my Tom about the joys of bringing one's wife breakfast in bed. :)

  2. So pleased that you had a good day. It's always nice to have family occasions.

    I'm not sure about this catch 22. If you are not liking it much then I doubt that I will.

    I saw a new Sophie Kinsella book whilst oyt today "Shopaholic to the stars". Much more up my street!


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