Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A better day

Yesterday was a better day.  I managed to get several things done.

Firstly I did the household chores that needed doing.  I also bagged up some jumble for recycling.

I made myself go out to the shopping mall in nearby Ilford.  This had two advantages over the well known Westfield at Stratford which is actually nearer.  One there was less likelihood of running into people I may know.  (Yes my work colleagues would have been at work but there are also 400 plus sets of parents who could be out and about that could recognise me!)  Secondly I parked in the Sainsbury's supermarket car park that has a recycling centre.  I was able to not only put the jumble bags in the Oxfam recycling bins but also offload the glass bottles we had accumulated.  Anyone watching me could be forgiven for thinking I'm an alcoholic.  That's the problem with having a house that has lots of storage space - things tend to accumulate.  Although I'm sure the wine bottles multiply when left languishing in the cellar waiting to be recycled.

That will be an aim in future - do this more regularly.  There are actually recycling bins at the end of my road so I really have no excuse now for not taking a walk up there each week with any bottles/jars we have emptied. 

Back to yesterday.  The whole point of going to the mall was to get a present for our eldest son.  That was achieved quite quickly.  Hopefully he will like it but if not or it doesn't fit he can exchange it for something else.  I also managed to get some light bulbs for our kitchen.  These are ones for the lights under the wall cabinets that light the work surfaces.  They are halogen and not available everywhere.  They are also fiddly to put in.  Once again Nick had been complaining about the lack of extra light but typically hadn't done anything about it!  So now there is light!  Not sure if he would have noticed if I hadn't told him.

I also managed some time on the Wii and have put together a To Do list for the long term.

Having done all of that and some washing I decided I'd earned some TV time.

I also worked on the plan for the mattresses and we switched them over before bed last night.  Nick claims to have slept better, he certainly wasn't awake so early, but he was still complaining of pins and needles in his arms which I think is due to the fact that he often sleeps with his arms above his head.  I slept ok too but I did wake once or twice.  We'll see how it goes.  We also discovered our beds are not all the same size.  Our one (which came from IKEA) is an imperial size. so 4 feet 6 inches across.  Our other two, which are both the same, are IKEA size.  Fortunately it was ok as the IKEA mattress just fits in the frame of our bed thanks to it being quite soft but our mattress is a bit smaller than the other frame it is now in.  If we'd been switching them the other way it wouldn't have worked.  Not sure that I've explained that very clearly!

So overall a better day.  I've decided to try and get up and tidied round each day then blog where possible. Then I'll try and fill the rest of my day productively or not as the mood takes me.  I'm a work in progress.


  1. It does sound like a better day.

  2. Sounds much better. I'm happy for you.

  3. Sounds like you were very busy. Don't over do it. I know what you mean about IKEA sizing! We got our bed frame from them when we moved here. It is very attractive but it is too long for our mattress. It is supposedly a standard 4ft 6ins but we have inches to spare either side and about 8 inches at the end. Really irritating. Going to replace it shortly.

    I like that you are blogging. I might see if I can do one today.


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