Saturday, 28 March 2015

I've lost the socks!

Well I was going to start this blog with a picture of four odd socks.  I was going to accuse the sock fairy of stealing four socks from hubby.  I'd done a load of washing and drying which consisted of lots of his underwear and socks, only to discover when pairing the socks that I had four odd ones!

Not one, or two, but four!  They were all different designs and I was initially flabbergasted.  To lose one sock between the dirty washing basket and the clean washing to be folded cycle is bad enough, two is just downright careless but four!  Well the sock fairy had to be involved.  So I was prepared to blog about this when of course I found the socks.  

To my embarrassment I had left them behind in the tumble dryer.  There was no sock fairy responsible for their disappearance.  They hadn't actually disappeared at all.  I had just been less than thorough when emptying the tumble dryer.  Human error after all.  Hmm and I thought I was perfect.  Well if not perfect certainly pedantic when it comes to pairing socks.  I hate it when there is an odd one or they don't match up quite right.  Of course it's much easier now there is only hubby and me at home.  No mistakes over clothing now.  (Neither of us has taken to cross dressing, yet!)

When both the boys were here it used to be a nightmare, especially when I had the bright idea of buying plain black socks for school/work.  Have you noticed just how many sock shades of black there are?  That idea was swiftly replaced with having some sort of logo on the socks so that they could be matched more easily.  The only trouble then was I couldn't always remember which logo belonged to who.  And they all had the same size socks eventually.  I could usually work out hubby's without too much trouble but I often got it wrong with the boys.  The problem there was that if the eldest son got the wrong ones he would pass them over to the youngest.  The youngest didn't reciprocate.  If he was given any extras by mistake he would hang on to them.  This caused no end of arguments because it wasn't only socks I used to muddle up.  It was much easier when they were younger and often had the same clothes!

On a positive note I had a GP appointment today and although I'm still signed off as not fit for work, my blood pressure was much better.  I even walked to the surgery leaving the car at home so that was my exercise for the day.  (It's about a 20 minute walk each way.)   But I've noticed the time and I'm off to bed now.  Have a great weekend.


  1. I still think it was the sock fairy. They can be fairly pesky creatures.

  2. Glad to hear that your blood pressure is improving and pleased that you are still signed off.

    I agree with Benni that sock fairies can be pesky!

    I was doing the ironing today, I iron everything as you know. Not because I enjoy it, but because it is what I do. Anyway, while ironing one of Simons shirts I suddenly realised that in just 4 short months it will become pretty much a thing of the past. No more shirts! I have ironed shirts for over 30 years. I used to have 6 shirts every single day. That is a whole lot of ironing! I won't miss it.

  3. I solved that early on. I bought athletic tube socks for school with colored bands at the top. Each boy had different colors. They each wore different styled dress socks. But one of the boys and my husband favored the same kind of dress sock and that is when there would be problems with missing socks.


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