Saturday, 28 March 2015

Turning pages

I nearly called this post losing the blog!  I started this blog much earlier in the day on my IPad.  I'd done quite a bit but wanted to check out something on my Shelfari page.  I thought I could switch between the two and then continue with the blog.  I should have saved the blog first because when I tried to go back to the blog it was gone!  Vanished.  No longer there.  Up in a puff of smoke.  Oh wait, no that was me turning the air blue with expletives.

This time I'm on my laptop and saving as I go along.

So here is version two.  I had just finished reading a book when I started the blog entry.  The book was "The Geneva Trap", by Stella Rimington who used to head up MI5.  This is a classic spy thriller but it's quite contemporary.  It was passed on to me by hubby which is unusual as we don't often read the same books.  I quite enjoyed it but not so much that I'll be hunting down other books she's written.

With time on my hands I'd like to get back to reading more regularly and also the reading challenge I started some time ago which was the BBC big read of 100 books.  I was horrified when I checked my list out today and saw how long it's been since I read something from it.  My next challenge from there will be Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.  We have a copy in the house.  One corner looks like it's been chewed by an animal at some point but the text is all readable so no excuses for not starting it. I want to try and do better reviews of the books I read.  Maybe even make some notes as I read them.  Too often I read books but I don't retain the details.  I find writing things down, even just into the computer makes it easier to retain information. 

I think I'm just paranoid about losing cognitive abilities, but having had to cope with my Mum slowly disappearing from us due to Alzheimer's I know it's understandable.  But bring on the puzzles, quizzes etc. anything that will keep my mind active.  So bring on Catch 22!

I've managed some exercise today, I walked up to our local shops and back with hubby to get the shopping we needed.  However I think all the good of the exercise was probably undone when we called in to our favourite coffee shop on the way back and I soaked up my cup of tea with a hefty slice of coffee cake!  But it was delicious.  

I must try to get to bed earlier today as we lose an hour due to British Summer Time starting tonight.  Not sure why we move to Summer time in Spring but I will be glad to have the longer days.   Tomorrow our youngest son and his wife are coming to dinner so I'm looking forward to that.

I've also started checking out some blogs on the A-Z challenge.  There are over 1000 people signed up to this now.  It will be interesting to see how many make it to the end.  Hopefully I will be one of them.  I think I'm happy with my letter topics now.  I found a better one for A so that made me feel less daunted.   Just need to make sure I allot some time each day for doing the entries.  Tomorrow I might make a start on a few so that I have a head start in case life gets in the way once the challenge has started!

Goodness that last sentence was a big of a waffle.  Time to go for now!

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  1. It sounds like you are a bit more on top of things today. A bit of coffee cake is always a good thing and you did walk so you earned it.

    I am really bad at reading books. It is absolutly ages since I read a proper novel. I used to read books all the time. From my earliest childhood, I loved books and could read 1 easily in a day. I think the internet has changed my habits.

    I do read of course, many articles every day but it isn't the same as a full book.

    I also collect books on my ipad. I have a ton. I just don't seem to find the time to actually read them.

    Maybe I'll try and get back to it. Maybe your Catch 22 is a good start although I don't have it.

    Hope you have a good Sunday.


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