Thursday, 26 March 2015

Totally random.

My hubby must be one of the least observant people I know. (I'd go as far as saying he is the least observant but I need to keep in his good books so that breakfast keeps coming each day although he let me down today 😞)

In hindsight maybe that's a good thing because I was up out of bed a bit earlier.

Anyway I digress.  (Another thing like procrastination and ruminating that I'm good at.)

I had a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas from my eldest son and his partner that is an aerial shot of our house. I'd completed it on my jigsaw board - one of those folder type things that's ideal for keeping the puzzle safe while in progress.  I wanted to keep the puzzle and have decided to get a picture frame for it so it can be displayed.  But I haven't got a frame yet and I wanted to start a new puzzle.  

I found some thin card thinking I'd be able to slide it under the puzzle and move it off the board.  Well eventually I did although it wasn't as easy as I'd thought and I had to make some repairs.  But now I have the dilemma of where do I keep this safe until I get a frame.  It's on a big piece of card, probably A2 size and quite flimsy.  I finally hit on the idea of putting another piece of card on top and putting it under my bed.  We bought a new bed recently which is a metal framed bed so lots of space underneath.  Ideal I thought so the deed was done. I was feeling pleased with myself until I noticed the cat, Willow. 

Now Willow loves to sleep on my bed. In fact, apart from taking herself down to eat or use her litter tray that's about all she does.  (If I believed in re-incarnation I'd be coming back as a cat.) I make allowances for the fact that she's an old lady BUT sometimes, if she gets disturbed by anything, such as the vacuum cleaner or even my hairdryer, she will dart under the bed.  In fact if she's having a mad half hour (or even 5 minutes) she will chase around and go under the bed, mainly because she can.  You can picture the scenario, (or maybe not because I'm waffling now) Willow gets spooked, dives under the bed, catches the card protected puzzle, discovers the pleasure of all those tiny pieces and all my hard work is for nothing.

I have the idea of weighting down the top piece of card so that Willow won't be able to dislodge it.  I find two framed certificates of hubbies.  (Yes we're almost back to him 😉) one is his uni degree the other is his accountancy qualification. So I put these on top of the card and think "job done!"

Several days later hubby asks me why his degree certificate was under the bed.  Not, why are both his certificates under the bed on top of a large piece of card? Just the degree certificate. I rest my case.

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  1. That's men for you. I think they are all the same.

    I had another go at dying my hair pink last Friday. It didn't go to plan but you can certainly see some pink down the sides and it is not the colour that it was when he left for work in the morning.

    Did he notice? NO! I had to point it out to him on Sunday when he had still failed to say anything! His reply? "I did notice that your roots need doing"! I rest my case.

    I Hope your puzzle survives until you get a frame.


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