Sunday 27 August 2017

Review: Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters Blood Sisters by Jane Corry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Three little girls. One good. One bad. One dead.
The three girls are Alison, Kitty and Vanessa.
Alison is the half-sister of Kitty and Vanessa is Kitty’s best friend.

On the last day of school for Alison, she and Kitty meet up with Vanessa and an argument breaks out. There is a terrible accident leaving Vanessa dead and Kitty brain damaged, unable to walk or speak.

The book is written from Alison and Kitty’s viewpoints in two timeframes – the present 2016 onwards and the past (2006) when the accident happens.

There are lots of secrets interwoven into the book and many twists and turns. Although I enjoyed the book I did find it a bit over convoluted with lots of characters and plots especially as some things were a bit incredible e.g. how did the police not manage to establish exactly who was driving the car that killed Vanessa?

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