Saturday, 5 August 2017

#SOSC 5/8/17 Highs and Lows

If you'd like to take part in SoCS here's the link to all the details.  It's hosted by Linda at Life in Progress.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “high/low.” Use one, use both, bonus points for starting and finishing with one or both. Have fun!

Well this is a low point, it was back in February that I last did a SOCS post.  I managed 3 out of the 4 weeks in February but it looks like in March I did a lot of reading as there are book reviews but no SOCS posts.  Not a one!  Definitely a low.

April of course was taken up with the A-Z Challenge but it brought another challenge to my life - that of being a grandparent.  You'd be forgiven for thinking that should have been a high and of course it was but it was tempered with a lot of lows too.  Our first grandson actually arrived on 31st March.  At 29 weeks gestation i.e. 11 weeks early.

He was so tiny.  And so fragile.  And so dependant on tubes and wires and monitors and wonderful NICU staff.  Those early days in the NICU were punctuated with highs when he seemed to make progress and lows when he slipped back but he was always moving forward, just slowly. 

Highs when it had been a good day, lows when the travelling backwards and forwards and trying just to be there for my daughter and her wife became exhausting.  Trying not to say the wrong thing, trying to be strong.  

Thankful for those extra few weeks inside.  The difference between a 26 or even 24 weeker and a 29 weeker is evident when you see how those earlier babies really have to fight to hang on and how much longer they tend to spend in the NICU.  I'm not an expert but I'm much more informed on preemies now.

Inevitably blogging has suffered over these last few months but I'm trying to pick it up again now.  Now Nathan's home,  he's 4 months old, and doing well.  He's now smiling and trying to make nice noises rather than just crying and it's all beginning to feel NORMAL! And yes, we're on a high!



  1. Congratulations on your grandchild. I am sure he will continue to grow big and strong. Enjoy this time - even if you don't have time to write :-)

  2. So lovely to hear that your precious grandchild is doing well! Definitely a high! Such a coincidence that we each have a new grandchild in our lives.

    (I tried to comment from my Wordpress blog, Top of JC's Mind, login, but it wouldn't post. Trying now from my google id. Fingers crossed.)

  3. It is funny (not really) how our lives are dominated with highs and lows. That sweet little boy....ah!

  4. Wow, he doubled I think ! Looks so cute ! Yes I can imagine that your life was a rollercoaster with up and downs !

    1. He's more than doubled - almost 4 times his birth weight.

  5. Congratulations on your grandson coming home. We have something in common because my grandson was born premature at a little under 26 weeks and he just came home recently.

  6. It's great to hear that your grandson is doing well and at home and that things are staring to feel normal. Such a stressful time this has been for you, your daughter and her wife.

  7. Welcome back! Your grandson looks like a little angel...

  8. What a joy to have Nathan in your home. On the whole a good week.


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