Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge - 30/12/20

The Hodgepodge reached a milestone last week of 400 posts.  Many thanks to our host Joyce at From this Side of the Pond for all the time and commitment she gives to this lovely meme. 

I've missed quite a few weeks over the last few months but I couldn't miss the last one of the year.

1. Tell us about your favorite moment or share one of the bright spots from the year we're leaving behind. 

Despite that thing I don't want to mention 2020 has been a memorable year for us for 4 good reasons:

We moved house and we gained 3 more grandchildren. You're probably bored of seeing pics and hearing about them but I just have to share this pic - the collage was put together by my DIL and is the wallpaper on my phone

2. What do you wish you'd known at the start of 2020? Elaborate. 
That the pandemic was coming?  I've been doing an annual list for the past couple of years as in number of things to do during the year, e.g. 18 in 18, 19 in 19 and so of course I prepared a 20 in 20 list.   I didn't feel it was a particularly ambitious list but I was soooo wrong! lol

It hasn't put me off doing a 21 in 21 list but it's going to be very basic and take into account where we're at now.

3. Best book you read this year? If you did not read any books this year, what's the best thing you ate all year? We've all eaten, right? 
Oh I've definitely eaten!  I got hubby walking most days when we were really locked down on the promise of chocolate if we walked.   Well now we just have the chocolate anyway.
As for reading.  I had fits and starts and found it hard to concentrate on anything heavy.  However I did meet (and surpass) my reading target and looking back my favourite book was probably The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  It's one I've intended to read for ages because it had such good reviews but this year I also decided to read 12 books from my To Be Read pile so I finally got to The Book Thief.  I was not disappointed.  

4. The Pantone Colors of the year for 2021 are ultimate gray and illuminating yellow (a bright shade)...are you a fan? Would we find either of these colors in your home or wardrobe? 
Definitely not in my wardrobe, especially now I've let my hair go back to it's natural colour (white/grey) and when we were looking at houses we saw so many that had used a grey and white theme throughout that I think I'd like to do something different here.  

5. If you were/are making a list of 21 things to do/accomplish in 2021 what is one thing that would be on it? 
Ha well I've already said I'll be doing a list but it is hard to know what to put on it. I try to have things on it that are either achievable or at least measurable.  However I did have "be kind to myself" on my 20 in 20 list which proved to be very apt as the year turned out.  For 21 in 21 I think I'm going to include "be positive".  I'm often a glass half full kind of person and I envy those who can always see the good in things and look out rather than in and so on so I think I need "be positive" on my list!

6. Insert your own random thought here:
2020 has certainly been the strangest year of my lifetime.  But it could have been so much worse and for that I'm grateful.  Condolences to anyone who has lost loved ones this year and for anyone unwell best wishes for a speedy recovery.  Happy New Year doesn't quite have the same ring to it at the moment so I'm settling for being glad that this year is almost done and wishing you all a better year to come!


  1. This year I would erase from my life if I could ! Besides moving which was positiv it was 9 months of a horrible time ! Although I tried to get the best out of it. We are all tired without any energy nobody wants to buy new clothes or anything else and Christmas was not Christmas ! New Year we have to celebrate at 9 pm because at 10 pm it's curfew !! Our friends therefore arrive at 4 pm ! Rules or not rules we won't stay alone on a New Years Eve !! Christmas was enough for both of us !

  2. I sure would like to erase the last 9 months of 2020---both NY and Great Britain seem to have harsh overloads (trying to be politically correct). No celebrations here....and personally, I have had enough of it all. ANYWAYS--On the bright side, you moved through all this nonsense, smiles.

    Wishing you a beautiful New Years, my friend.

  3. I love the way you put wishes for the new year. Someone mentioned maybe "blessed" is better than "happy or merry" and I think you put it well by wishing everyone a better year to come. You did have a more memorable year than most with a new home and three new grandchildren! I enjoyed your Hodgepodge, Wendy, and look forward to our blogging friendship going forward! xo

  4. I will never tire of seeing photos of those sweet littles.
    And, yes, I would have to agree that now is not the best time to travel anywhere. But I can still dream, can't I?
    We both did well in our moves. (Question: do you have pictures hung on the walls yet? I don't.)


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