Friday, 28 May 2021

Friday's Fave Five - 28/5/21


Susanne at Living to tell the Story reminds us every Friday to look back on the blessings of the week.  

Well I didn't get here last week as I'd been busy preparing for a very special event.  My eldest son and his family arrived here late on Friday and they've been here all week, going home on Sunday.

We hadn't seem them since last October and that was the only time we had seen Grandson Miles.

This week has been all about family and I am so thankful for:

1)  All our family being together for the first time since January 2020!

Our 3 kids are sitting on the sofa with their children and then our 3 DILs are sitting in front of them.  We didn't manage to get Nick and I in a photo with them - it would have been just too hard to set up.

2)  We celebrated Noah's birthday a little belatedly and Rory's birthday a little early.

 They will both be 3 as of next Tuesday.

3)  The most recent grandbabies got to meet for the first time.

Ella, Miles and Vinny.

4)  I've loved catching up with Noah, going on walks to the library and the lake and seeing the joy on his face when jumping in puddles.

5)  And I have loved being able to cuddle this one in person.  Who could resist that smile?

And for a bonus, all my kids and partners have either had, or have appointments for, their first vaccines!

It's going to seem very quiet in our house on Monday.

Have a good weekend all.



  1. An absolutely wonderful week! Completely full of blessings! I'm so glad for you being able to have all the family together again.

    1. Thank you. It's been a long time coming.

  2. Wonderful pictures of your very loved people! Who could resist those sweet faces?!! I'm so happy for you! xo

  3. yay for a week with children and grandchildren!! YOu have a lot!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ella's outfit!!

    1. Yes it was a bit hectic when they were all here together lol. Ella is always well dressed!

  4. Wonderful family picture! And those babies:) Your family certainly fills up the house. So happy that you all got to be together <3

    1. Thanks. Yes I'm so glad we didn't downsize when we moved last year lol

  5. What a great week! So glad all the family could be there together.

  6. That's so nice for you that you could finally gather the whole family in your home ! It's amazing how productive a couple can be, lol you were two and now .... I have to take my calculator !
    Toby with his ten years has finally reached the 1.62 m and needs three cm more to have the same size ! I also stated that his feet are bigger then mine. I got the impression to walk with a young man ! We had a nice time together and his French is now really perfect we could have real conversations and you know about what ??? Napoleon and the battle ! He is very much interested in history. He also to my big surprise) he speaks a decent English and likes to watch the American cartoons with all the monsters which would give me nightmares ! My son did all things I couldn't do where I needed a strong man. And poor Ric is still in hospital and I wonder if he ever will come out ! My half full glass slowly becomes half empty.

  7. How wonderful that your family had time all together! I can't wait to get mine all under my roof at the same time!


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