Sunday, 2 May 2021

21 in 21 - Weekly Photo #17 - w/c 26/4/21

It's Bluebell time!

 Not the greatest of pictures and not the masses of bluebells like we had in Chalet Wood near our old house, but these pictures were taken in the forest near Highams Park Lake this week.

Most of my 21 in 21 challenges are suffering due to Covid but at least I'm keeping up with the weekly photo.


  1. Your photos still tell us how pretty that trail is!! Beautiful place to walk/hike. Blessings in the week ahead, Wendy! xo

  2. Beautiful...I feel for y'all over in the state of NY, folks have had enough day 400+ and counting of the never ending shutdown.

  3. We took lots of bluebell walks when we lived in England. We surely do miss the beauty of the countryside there.

  4. Beautiful... I would love to walk with you.


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