Saturday, 26 June 2021

Friday's Fave Five (on Saturday) - 26/6/21

Yes I know it's Saturday but I have so many things to be thankful for that I couldn't miss the Friday's Fave 5 again.  Thanks to Susanne for hosting - give her a visit at Living to Tell the Story and see who else joined in.

1.  Well firstly I'm thankful that my laptop seems to have dried out - hubby spilt some wine on it on Thursday evening and yesterday it was typing complete gobblydygook!  Here's a before and after:

Thmeb quj7icykb b rown,b foxb ujujhmpsb overb thmeb lazykb dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Just trying to type my password in to get into the laptop took ages and really challenged my patience!  So no blogging done yesterday but this morning all seems ok. Phew!

2)  I'm especially thankful to my GP service and our NHS.  I missed last Friday's Fave Five as I was in hospital.  I'd gone to my GP on the Monday as a cyst I'd had for a while quickly became infected and turned into an abscess.  He prescribed antibiotics and arranged for a breast clinic referral - mainly as a precaution.  By Thursday morning things were much worse but again I was able to make contact with my GP who arranged for me to be seen by the surgical team at the hospital.  This resulted in a hospital stay of 5 nights and intravenous antibiotics.  I came home on Tuesday with oral antibiotics but the wound is healing and I'm feeling better although still tired.  Being in hospital is not restful, especially when you getting woken at 2 am each night for observations and the night staff seem to think the day starts between 5.30 and 6.00 am!  (Yes I know some of you reading this are early risers and will agree with them but I'm a night owl lol.)

3)  While I was in hospital I was seen by the breast clinic and thankfully it was confirmed I'd had a sebaceous cyst in my chest wall and there was nothing causing alarm in the breast.  They managed to do an ultrasound but I was spared a mammogram - that will be done in about 6 weeks just to be completely sure all is ok.  

4)  A catch up with my best friend.  She came for a visit yesterday and brought me this:

Isn't it lovely.  Not the best picture - it says welcome on the sign.

5)  It's my birthday!  Despite all the craziness in the world right now I've lasted another year.  And this year we can celebrate with some of the family - our daughter and youngest son and their families are coming for afternoon tea today.  

I started the day with breakfast in bed and then hubby attempted to do croissants.  Sadly the first ones got forgotten, burnt and ended up on the floor!

Fortunately there were 2 left and they were delicious.

Apologies if I haven't got around to visiting all your blogs yet.  Normal service is gradually resuming.

Have a good weekend all.


  1. Wendy, I am so thankful that you are doing better. What a scare!
    And Happy Birthday! You share your birthday with two most important people to me--my mother and my husband. (and at least you got a couple of croissants)

  2. You have had quite a week. So glad that you are home from the hospital and feeling better. Happy birthday! Have a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday, Wendy! Wow, what a week for you! I'm glad that all is well now with you (and your laptop!) What a gem your husband is, to make croissants!

  4. First of all happy birthday and wishes for an excellent health ! Apparently you had your share too when the chest especially the breasts are involved it's always scary. Fortunately you are in good hands and with antiobiotics one is always tired. How nice that you can celebrate your birhday at least with two of your children. Last week it was very cold 11-15°C annd today a little more but humid and muggy. Not nice. On June 29 we will be set free !!! No masks except in crowded shops, no curfew and you can go shopping like you wish and the cinemas are open too ! Probably it won't last long but still, I think we have to learn to live with this virus. I have got my two Pfizer vaccinsK. I am not a public danger anymore !

  5. Well, Happy Birthday, Wendy!! I am sorry to learn about your hospital stay but happy it is fixable and you are doing better now! Wine in the laptop... of course it got a bit tipsy!! (wink) Glad it dried out and is working. Happy weekend!

  6. Good to hear you felt well enough to celebrate your birthday with family. Computers and croissants aside you sound to be almost back to normal life.

  7. oh Praise God you are ok and healing with antibiotics. Health!! not something to take for granted for sure.

    Glad your laptop is ok!! yikes......we have a rule around here...NO FOOD OR DRINKS by the laptops. Of course we all tend to get lazy and forget that rule time an iphone fell into the toilet..long story. thankfully the tip about putting it right away into rice dried it out and all was fine!!

    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY. glad you could celebrate with friends and family.

    have a great week!

  8. Oh my goodness. Praise God all turned out well with the hospital visit and good news was given. That must have been super stressful for you. Glad your laptop is ok as well. Happy Belated Birthday to you!


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