Friday, 23 July 2021

Friday's Fave Five - 23/7/21

Goodness me, where did the week go?  It doesn't seem a week since I last posted but it obviously is.  Time to look back on the blessings of the week and then share them over at Susanne's site:  Living to Tell the Story.

Here are mine:

1)  Cooler weather today.  We have had temperatures hovering just below 30⁰ C this week.  It hasn't felt much cooler overnight either so sleeping has been difficult.  I find it exhausting but today we're down to low 20s and this evening when I went for a walk I needed a cardigan!

2)  Flowers in my front flower bed

I had no idea what that bush would produce but aren't they lovely?
Having done a google search I think it's a Yucca plant.

3)  A successful trip to the optician.  This was well overdue but you know, this COVID thing has really disrupted everything.  My prescription definitely needed changing.  It was a new optician for me, just a 10 minute walk away.  More high-tech than our previous one.  On top of all the usual tests I also had a scan done of my eyes.  Everything looked good so now I just have to wait for my new glasses.

4)  A negative COVID test for Grandson Rory.  There has been a virus going around his nursery which is not COVID but he'd been doing a lot of coughing so they decided to err on the side of caution and get him tested.  They're flying to the states at the end of the month so they're being extra careful at the moment, especially as our case numbers are high again and restrictions have just been eased!  It will be the first time his other grandparents will have seen Vinny.

5)  These:

Yes sometimes it's the little things.  I really need a haircut but first I need to research the local salons.  Anyway my fringe has now got to the awkward length of being too long so that it gets in my eyes but not long enough to tuck behind my ears!  At the opticians today I had to keep holding it back while the tests were done.  So annoying.  I need a hairclip I thought.  I used to have lots of different ones and combs but when we moved I got rid of them because I never used them but..... I kept these!  I'm not sure the clipped back look is particularly flattering but I'm past caring at my age lol.

So those are my 5 of this week.

The mystery identity of the bird I spotted last week has also been solved:
It's a green woodpecker.

Have a good weekend all.  Ours is forecast to be a wet one.  


  1. ooh... so sorry your weekend forecast is for wetness. Ours is actually forecast to be perfect! let's hope this time the weather map is correct!!

    So glad your grandon tested negative. My husband has a nasty headcold currently and his test was also negative but i could have told him that :)


  2. Yes, that's a yucca plant---what is it doing in London?? It's a Southwest US or Mexico plant! (Immigration?)
    I'm glad your weather has moderated and I love the thought of wearing a cardigan on a walk--it's been so humid and hot here.
    Good news for your grandson. I know the other grandparents will be happy to meet Vinny.
    Happy Weekend to you!

  3. The yucca plant is lovely! Glad you had some hairclips on hand and feel the same way I do about not caring what anyone thinks... getting older has it's benefits! LOL Happy weekend.

  4. Interesting to see the yucca plant! They grow wild here, but the flowers aren't quite as full as yours. So pretty. Funny, I was just saying to my friend yesterday that I've taken to wearing hairclips again and don't care if they are in style or not (I have no idea!). I had to look up the green woodpecker. He's beautiful!

  5. It's nice to have some coolness this time of year. What a pretty plant. A neighbor has some, but I didn't know what they were. I had to catch up on doctor's visits, too, after putting them off during COVID. Nice to have a high tech optician so close. I'm glad Rory's test came back negative. I love those hair clips! Most other kinds just slide out of my hair.


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